Thursday, June 11, 2015

Sum of Fun at Underwater World Singapore

**Media Invite** 

It was a pleasant surprise when I received an invite to visit the Underwater World Singapore (UWS) recently. It's been such a loooooong time since I last stepped foot in this place that I cannot even remember when that was. This place was touted the "granddaddy of marine attractions" and I must say it's true as it's been around since 1991 (a grand 24 years!).
The place didn't really change much except for the addition of the Dolphin Lagoon. Nonetheless it was a place I'd say that had an appeal on my two kiddos (especially Little Man). I was amazed at Little Man's enthusiasm about marine and sea creatures that were in the UWS.
At every corner of the UWS whether outdoor or indoor, we'd spend at least 10-15mins checking out the animals/creatures, reading up about them a little while Little Man would tell us stories about what he has learned about these animals from the Bindi books he's read.

While UWS has been outshine by the latest and largest oceanarium, the S.E.A. Aquarium within the same island, it still has its merits. The place is smaller, cosier, it certainly has the drawing power of its own (I am speaking based on my children's reaction), I feel there's less distraction and we can really focus on learning and reading up more about the sea creatures, touching, feeding and observing them.

We've been to S.E.A. Aquarium a few times not too long ago, the place was too crowded. Often there were long queues at the Discovery Touch Pool that we didn't want to spend time waiting; the kids spent more time zipping around than truly slowing down to learn/read about the sea creatures and exhibits, simply because the place was too big.

The highlight for the day was really the Pink Dolphin and Fur Seal show at the Dolphin Lagoon. The gasps I heard from Missy as the dolphins performed the many difficult manoeuvres and the wide-eyed Little Man who shouted in excitement occasionally during the show, I was sure they both have had great fun.

After the visit at UWS, we headed straight to the Island Cuisine cafe for a buffet dinner. It's a convenient stop-over if you want to have a meal with your family. I'll be honest and fest up that the food was no gourmet standard but if you have young kids and you are there with your family, it'll be a suitable place to have a meal. Choose a nice window seat as this cafe has a nice sea view.

We ended our evening of visit to the UWS with a pleasant family time seated by the side line of the sea (which is right outside of the Island Cuisine cafe) enjoying the light sea breeze and view. The kids and their daddy had a stone throwing competition - was a good time of bonding for the family!

A big thanks to UWS for this invite, this was a surprise school holiday activity that was added into our long list of activities to do and we are certainly not complaining! *smile*

From 30th May to 28th June 2015, Underwater World Singapore will be hosting a special Sum of Fun bundle deal. Enjoy up to 65% off the bundle deal (see photo below). For more details please go to this link.

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*This contest is open to all local residents of Singapore

Contest has now ended! CONGRATULATIONS to the following 5 WINNERS!


mich said...

I'll like to bring my 2 girls. They really love sea animals & creatures and have only been to the S.E.A. Aquarium. However the UWS looks equally good and has a cosy feel. They will really enjoy it

mich said...

Oh forgot my email:

preciouz said...

I would like to bring my only girl for some one on one time with her as she a abit overwhelm with her brothers and soon to be born baby brother. The last time she went .. She was very young!

Jolin said...

I wish to bring my boys to the UWS. I like that it is not so crowded and the dolphin lagoon. I think my kids would love the touch pool and the feeding tank too.

Anonymous said...

Hi I would like to bring my family to the UWS. I'm sure my kids would enjoy to the max. They love sea creatures and are looking forward to touch them too!!!


Unknown said...

I would like to bring my boy to underwater world n a treat for hub! We have been real busy this year n it will be a chance for us to relax n enjoy ourselves! Thank you!

Unknown said...

definitely bring my one and only princess..the last she went was like 3-4yrs back when she was like 4yrs old. good memory for her.

blessedone said...

I will be bringing my elder boy (3 yr old) to UWS! He will be thrilled to go to UWS being his first visit and to see the marine animals in real life after learning all about them in school! Hope he can be the lucky one =)

Anonymous said...

It's been a long while since we've been to UWS. It'll be a treat for my 8 year old boy and 4 year old girl if we win the tickets.

Anonymous said...

I will like to bring my 79 years old Dad, my hubby and my 9 years old daughter to Underwater World Singapore. It will be a prefect Father's Day presents for my Dad and my hubby. My daughter will definitely enjoys this learning journey on marine life.


Sheenya Chan said...

I'm as excited as a puppy getting a new toy when I read your blog + giveaway. As much as I hope to keep the tickets for myself (if I won :p) I'll like to give them to my daddy n mummy, esp my dad!

Why my dad? Reason is because he has always been there for us, he is a self made man, he has the strongest willpower of anyone I have ever met. My father knows how to persevere, he had never attended school but his advices are always inspiring and enlightening. We came from a poor family and my dad holds 2 jobs to provide us with a better life. My father taught me the importance of hard work and doing things to my fullest capabilities and never take things for granted. My father is a frugal man and has never been to Sentosa underwater world before. It's Father's Day soon and my parents wedding anniversary is in July. They used to "pak tor" aka dating every weekend at Sentosa since 1980s . So Sentosa is definitely a lovely place that evokes lots of fond memories for them.

Thanks again for the fantastic giveaway.

Sheenya Chan

Athena C said...

My 2 princess will be so awe by the aqua world cos it’s so unlike the usual aquarium places that they have been to. Both of them have a fond interest in marine life especially sharks and starfish. I am sure it’s gonna an eye opener & a jaw dropping experience for them since they get to touch the real creatures!!. It’s also a great bonding time for us to learn and have fun as a family and a great birthday gift for myself! My birthday is in end June and perfect celebration for me ♡♡

Hope to win :)

Love, Athena

Unknown said...

My friend’s daughter, from Germany, is staying with me for 2 months and she loves dolphins and marine life. It’ll be her 13th birthday soon and i hope she’ll have a wonderful and memorable birthday here in Singapore if I could win her the opportunity to visit UWS underwater world! She’s right now beside me and screaming in ecstasy as I’m typing this. Haha. We want to jump at the opportunity to swim with the Pink Dolphins too!

Melanie, this is for you and may lady luck shine on us!

Thank you UWS and Mamabliss for hosting this wonderful giveaway :)

JonYeo said...

It'll be an an astounding experience if I could bring my Junior Jon to witness the largest aquatic tank with a wealth of sea creatures including sharks which is one of the aquarium's main attraction and other special species!
The ultimate mind-blowing experience for us will be the touch pool zone where we can actually touch fishes and sting rays as they swim up close to us! It's going to be real fun and exciting! Hope to win this awesome opportunity. Thanks!

Jon Yeo

Carol Lim said...

I wish to take my second boy to the Underwater World as his class used to be called N1 Dolphin and dolphin is his favourite animal. Thanks.
Carol Lim

Robert Sim said...

My boys will love the UWS. Like your kids, they were too distracted and overly excited by the huge SEA Aquarium. They enjoyed the smaller Aquaria KLCC in KL last year and I am sure will prefer the cosier UWS too.

Unknown said...

I would like to bring my hubby and son to have some good bonding time together and to celebrate Father's Day!

preciouz said...

I want to bring my girl for some one on one time with her as she has been abir overwhelmed with the new baby and all the boys in the family!

Unknown said...

I would love to bring my girls and hubby. It gonna be a family bonding session where we get to explore, see and learn about the sharks, jellyfishes, starfish etc in the Underwater World Singapore and I'm sure we will be bombarded with lots of WHY WHY WHY and the kids are going to have a lot of fun!!!

Alexis said...

alexistay a-t
I would to bring my daughter!