Hi! The "About Me" page is always the most difficult to write, so I'll just share very briefly about myself. 

I am a mother to two eccentric but adorable children, Little Man and Little Missy. When my son was two and daughter was just a few months old, I've decided to step down of the corporate ladder and focus on raising them. It has been a worth while journey thus far and looking back I'm glad to have made the choice.

That's Little Man

She's Little Missy
Blogging is a great way for me to document every milestone of my children's as well as of myself in my journey as a then SAHM to my current status as a WAHM. I'm glad that I've started this space since year 2005 where I am able to reminisce the most treasured moments of my life and the journey of being a mother. 

I am not very much of a writer, so most of the posts in this space records my musing, rant and of course the daily life of being a wife, mother, daughter and the many other hats that I juggle with as I go along.

Thank you for stopping by here and I hope that my posts in this space will interest you to come back again :)

Mamabliss aka Pauline

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