Friday, November 11, 2016

Living with Diabetes

It's been quite a number of years now since I was diagnosed officially as a type 2 diabetic. Living with diabetes the past years has been difficult as there are just too many adjustments to be made in terms of lifestyle and food choices.

Not too long ago, I shared I was in search of a natural way to reverse this condition while, I've spent substantial amount of time on the internet researching and reading to find out what might help. When I read about how the apple cider vinegar was said to help with regulating blood sugar, I didn't bat an eyelid and went ahead to drink that daily for over a year. Alas, instead of my blood sugar it was my weight that went down *smile* not a bad problem actually.

I tried to diet and ate mainly vegetables and cut down drastically on carbo but it made me crave more for sweet stuff, especially sweet snacks and desserts, I was ravenous!!! It was scary!!!

So as you might have guessed it the medication prescribed by the doctors didn't work, my "healthy dieting" didn't work either. My HbA1C results remained high and every time I receive my blood test results I only walked out of the clinic with even greater disappointment in myself for not being able to manage my blood sugar well.

A friend who was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes around the same time as me, inspired me some months back when he shared with me that he's been given a clean bill of health after a major adjustment in his dieting habits and his regular exercises. His sharing has encouraged me to re-look at my dieting habits, and at the same time I have made a decision to switch to another doctor to help me manage my condition.

During that period, I was introduced to the Mahogany Sky Fruit seeds by my facebook contact who gave me a pack to try. After a brief research on the internet about the efficacy of this "miracle seed" I decided to give it a try since it's natural.
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Health benefits of Sky Fruit Seeds
I was determined to make things work this time round. Since I work half a day on the weekdays, I have a lot lesser time on hand to prepare my own meals in the day so to combat that problem, I make a deliberate choice to keep my breakfast choices simple, I avoided all the starchy and sweet stuff and would go for sliced fish soup (loaded with bitter gourd slices and napa cabbage), bee hoon soup (surprisingly, bee hoon soup works well on me as it didn't send my blood sugar sky rocketing);
for variety, when I have the time and energy, I'd prepare salad in a bottle to bring it to work as well.

Due to my work, I often consume lunch at 2pm and this is the meal that I'd go heavier, loaded with more carbohydrates. Occasionally consuming a snack in between as well.

As for dinner, on most days, I'd consume only veggies and some meat or fish sans rice or noodles. On days when I feel that I have had too much during lunch, I'd just eat cucumber slices with a slice of apple or a simple salad with no dressing.

That's my diet on a regular week, but I will not lie that on some days I do "cheat" and go for a FEAST though that's not on a regular basis. And by feast I mean I do eat the super sinful yet super delicious fried carrot cake, roti prata, satay, laksa and the likes... I will not sit and watch my hubby enjoy those "delicacies" on his own *smile* I still love my nonya snacks and desserts so whenever there's a craving for them I'd still eat them though on a more controlled basis (ie. limited to once in a long while).

I am glad that my current job made me "exercise" more than I normally would. My work place is on top of a hill that I need to climb up and down daily (Monday-Friday), I need to lift loads of books that are at least 200 pages thick everyday, shelving and arranging the bookshelves, walking up and down the stairs of the library. All these inadvertently helped me get my body moving more often than I used to when I was a SAHM.

Over and above the diet control and "regular exercise", I took my medication for the condition regularly as instructed by the doctor; as well as the Sky fruit seeds daily. With all this in place, I was really heartened to share that I have achieved a very encouraging HbA1C results! The most recent result shows that my 2-3 months average blood sugar count has reduced to the Ideal level! *yippee*

This is how I have been living with diabetes thus far. However, I'd like to emphasize that what works for me may not work for others as our body structure, our lifestyles and our habits are different. I would also like to make a disclaimer that any natural remedy I've shared here may or may not have been clinically and or scientifically proven so please do your own research and make your own educated decision about taking them up.

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