Wednesday, August 31, 2016


It's been almost 8 months since we did a major decluttering and reorganizing of our home. As the children are really growing up and needed more personal and private space, hubby and I decided to give up our study room to make space for our son's personal bedroom.

We had wanted to do just very few adjustments but inadvertently it has become a rather huge change due to the age of our home. No, we didn't knock down any walls or hacked away our current flooring, the adjustments weren't that obvious on the surface but it was still a very tedious, back breaking and exhausting process nonetheless. (see our "war zone" home).
Living Room towards balcony area
Our study room (massive decluttering in progress)
Dining area - reno and reorg in progress
Master bedroom before we cleared out the entire room
In the event of this reorganizing, we (hubby and I are real hoarders), have thrown out countless amount of "treasure" in uncountable number of huge black garbage bags. It's incredible how we have accumulated so much stuff which we deemed as treasure over the years - it took us more than 6 months (literally!) to clear them all out! To my surprise, we after all do not need so much stuff at all!

We gave the children each a bedroom of their own and in replacement of our study room both the hubby and I installed and shared a long desk in our master bedroom (just like the one seen in the kids' room).
Little Man's personal space 
Missy's Girly Space
Our home is not Pinterest or Intagram worthy, neither is it designer decorated. What we needed was a practical and functional space for our everyday living - ie. easy maintenance and usage.

Fast forward 8 months later, with all the declutter work completed (Finally!), we now have a more comfortable and spacious living environment. I can't help but sit at the living area admiring the cosy, sans mess home every now and then, as I heave a sigh of contentment. It's also easier for us to have the kids clean up and maintain the tidiness of the home now that we have set the example.
Entrance to our living area 
Our new dining area 
Partial of our living area
With a comfortable living area, I can't resist the need to add a teeny more happiness into our living space by creating little handmade zakka to spruce up our home. In my next post, I'll share how little handmades not only add character but also happiness into my home. It's not only simple and fast to create it's extremely gratifying too!

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