Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Our June School Holiday (Part 1)

How time flies, we are already at the half way mark of the mid year term break. Two weeks of fun and games just swiftly flew past us. So what have we been up to? Here's a recap!

It was our first year attending a church camp as a family. It's been a refreshing and enriching experience those four days we spent at Malacca (World Heritage City).
The kids were counting down to this trip since we broke the news to them a few weeks beforehand. They would mark their calendars and count down right to the very minute of the time we were setting off for the trip *smile* always good to have something to look forward to with such enthusiasm and excitement.
What's a visit to Malacca without a trip to the touristy Jonker Street? From where our hotel was it took us approximately 15-20mins to walk to this place and since it was a Friday evening, the weekend market was open.We made it to the China Town just for the experience.  
The crowd was body to body tight, took us quite a while to just get through all the 'bottle-neck' areas. This place reminded me of the old Chinatown in Singapore. Street food were prepared right before you and it didn't matter that it was so crowded everyone just walked and sight-see along.

I was mindful not to buy too many souvenirs lest to accumulate more clutter at home and it will add onto the weight of our luggages.

Street food galore was what we found at Chinatown.

I love street art and how could I miss the opportunity to capture this with Little Man in it *smile* This was just diagonally across the hotel where we put up. Too bad we discovered it at night hence the poor lighting and it's too dangerous (in my opinion) to cross the junction again as it was without any pedestrian traffic lights and the vehicles were traveling "wildly" on the road. It was a miracle (literally) that we made it across back to our hotel safely that evening.

We were brought to this quaint little Nonya restaurant, Nyonya Makko Restaurant, on one of the evenings for dinner. I must say I was in love with the Nonya food there, you've got to try it to discover the truth for yourself :) I especially love the Cendol it's one of the best I've tasted thus far!

One of the highlights for the kids' mid year holiday annually is to attend Vacation Bible School (VBS). This year was no exception however, the kids attended VBS during church camp instead. It was an under the sea theme, hence all the crafts were made according to the theme. 

I have learned about the opening of Splash@Kidz Amaze at Safra Punggol since the beginning of the year but didn't get to bring the kids here till recently. We were not disappointed. It's a wonderful water park where it's fully indoors (most definitely weather proof).

The place is new and since it's the school holiday, it's really packed during the day. So if you are planning to make a trip there, it'd be better to go during the evening. We were there at about 7pm and there was no crowd at all. The children have loads of space to run and play. No queues for the slides, no packed bathrooms and many empty benches for the adults to just sit around and chit chat :)

I really love the mid year term break period, there are simply just too many interesting places to visit and play at that's literally fun for FREE! One of them is Imaginarium located at 8Q SAM. It's Singapore Art Museum's children-focused annual exhibition. Within this exhibition, the children have a first hand experience of art in a way that they are able to relate to ie. tactile and experiential.
The exhibition this year is a whimsical introduction to the many stories and ideas that surround seascapes, Imaginarium: Over the Ocean, Under the Sea presents tactile and interactive works that encourage discovery through exploration and play.

The kids love this installation especially. In spite of getting themselves covered with charcoal, they love pushing the helium filled PVC balloon that's affixed with charcoal studs all around. To learn about the lesson behind this installation, read more about it from the link I've shared above.

Look at their charcoal smeared hands!!!

Geocaching, an activity that has been ongoing for 16 years (though I am not certain when it actually started in Singapore) which I only discovered recently. It's a real-world outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container containing a log sheet and some other knick knacks left behind by other participants) hidden at that location. 

There are quite a number of Geocache app that you could download from the apps store but my personal favourite is this C:Geo for Android (not sure if it's also available for iPhone users though).
I find this app to be user friendlier than the official Geocache app.

You can find if there are any geocaches hidden nearby where you are currently located by searching on the app or on the Geocache website. Just sign up an account and you are good to get started!
You can even determine the difficulty level to decide if you wish to take up the challenge to hunt for the hidden geocache. For the sake of the kids, we decided to start them off with a low difficulty level geocache hunt. 

We found 2 Geocaches in a span of 30 minutes (walking, signing on the log sheet and photography included). We have the kids asking to hunt down more of these geocaches after the 2 successful finds! 
As most of these caches are usually hidden amongst bushes and trees it's best to bring along these items when you are out with your kids while Geocaching - Insect repellent/patch, water bottles, wet wipes, hats, oh and also a pen as we need to sign our names in the log sheet. 

We visited the Art Science Museum not knowing what was in store for us and we were pleasantly delighted and surprised. The Future World - Where Art Meets Science exhibits was the main attraction to the kids. We spent almost 3 hours in just this place!
It's indeed an immersive world of interactive and enriching experience.
Even the adults enjoyed the Sketch Town greatly, I was one of them :) to see our drawings appearing and moving on the screen (seen on the photo above) was fascinating!

The other place we visited most often would be the National Library in our neighbourhood. During days when we are homebound the kids would spend substantial amount of time reading as they are not allowed to play handheld games nor watch Youtube for this period of time.

Since it's the school holiday, the NLB has once again increase the number of books that we are allowed to borrow. We try to encourage the children to read widely fiction and non-fiction books alike so as to be exposed to different things in and around our world. They say, reading is like a theatre in the mind *smile*

There are indeed many interesting things the kids can do during the school holidays and it need not be extravagant or elaborate, and certainly need not be burning a big hole in our pocket in order to be fun! :) 


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