Saturday, June 25, 2016

Breakfast At Manhattan Fish Market

*Food Tasting Invite*
"Breakfast is indeed a very important meal. A good breakfast fuels you up and gets you ready for the day" ~ Kids Health
They say that it's important to kick-start our day right with a good breakfast, what better way to enjoy some family bonding than to have a sumptuous breakfast at the Manhattan FISH MARKET restaurant. It was such a pleasure to indulge in the restaurant's all new weekend breakfast menu!

In the new menu we found a selection of 7 hearty, affordable and a delectable variety of breakfast sets that made it hard for us to just settle for one set alone. It was wonderful that we got to try four different absolutely delicious breakfast sets for this food tasting.
Eggs Benedict Sharing Platter - $17.95
This sweet and savoury platter for two was my favourite! Eggs Benedict has always been my favourite western breakfast and with the addition of fluffy pancakes I was completely bowled over! Love how the combination on this platter gave the different texture, flavour and taste. Even my kids gave 2 thumbs up for this!
Big Brekkie Delight - $9.95
Oh the Big Brekkie is simply wonderful! The fish was nicely done and when the tangy, slightly spicy sauce is drizzled over the fish the blend of taste simply had me at the first bite. The buttery smooth scrambled eggs was a perfect match with the mushrooms and toast. Oh if only we had more of it! *slurp*
Glory Fish Tower - $7.95
This Glory Fish Tower was indeed made to look like a tower *grin* the sandwich made a glorious feast with Manhattan FISH MARKET's signature hand-battered fish fillet, crispy onion, lettuce and topped with thick toasts, *slurp* it simply didn't make "conquering" this tower difficult!  Every bite just made us want to have more of it!
Nutella & Banana French Toast - $4.95
This French Toast layered with Nutella and banana slices was simply a hit with my Missy, one who's an extremely sweet tooth! And it's no wonder she was full of energy after having this! *smile*

See those happy and delightful faces of my two kids? It said it all about how they felt after breakfast that morning!

Needless to say I was feeling Superb after the wonderful spread during breakfast and precious time spent with the family!

The Manhattan FISH MARKET
Causeway Point #02-34/K1
Century Square #01-31 (by the road)
Bishan Junction 8 #01-22/30
Northpoint #02-06/07
Jurong Point #01-32

The Breakfast Menu will be available every Weekend and Public Holiday from 8am - 12pm at the above outlets.

Disclaimer: We have been invited for food tasting for the purpose of this review.


Michelle said...

Delicious meals! It makes me feel I wanna go out with my kids and indulge on great foods. And yes, breakfast are important part of the day, to keep us going. Thanks for sharing your great posts.

Mamabliss said...

Thanks Michelle for dropping by my blog :)