Sunday, March 20, 2016

Our Short Term Break This Year

The one week term break has come to an end in spite of which, it was still a fun-filled 7 days worth of rest and play. Honestly, while I enjoy my me-time but I am now dreading the new term 2 that's just less than a day away (don't remind me of the waking up at 5.30am, rushing through the day's chores and minding the kids' school routine...boy am I so not looking forward to that).

This school holiday reminded me of how it was when I was a student in the primary school years. I love the sleep overs at my cousin's even though we don't get to go out of the house much; the fun was in the hanging out with my cousins all day long *smile*

I can imagine how Missy felt when her BCF (Best Cousin Forever), came over to sleep over for a couple of days at our place recently. The excitement of having the company of someone whom you simply love hanging out with for a few days; the things you would chat about, the food you'd eat together, the fun you'd have together... *smile* oh I can so imagine that joy!
A week's long school holiday is barely enough but the kids had great fun nonetheless.

I had the privilege to run a mini sewing class for Missy, her cousin and her friends from school, earlier this week. We made a sock bunny and all the girls were really excited about their completed work.

We spent some quieter moments with another friend by the pool side and played games with his pet puppy Bibi. The kids were kept very well entertained even with such simple day of fun.

There's really no short of places to visit and new things to see & experience in our Sunny Singapore. Here's a place which we thought was worth mentioning. We visited the Gardens By the Bay to see their latest floral display - the Sakura! (check out their website for more details but be quick the Cherry Blossoms display will end on 27th March 2016).
I was in Japan many years ago but didn't have a chance to experience the glory of these Cherry Blossoms. They were simply delicately beautiful!

Kids monkey-ing around 
Days will never be dull with this duo!
Missy and her BCF!
Stop to smell and admire the flowers
Yeah I asked them to make this pose for me to take a photo - hah!

The gardeners of this place were really friendly and knowledgeable. They were ever ready to offer the kids answers to their incessant questioning.

And of course, we can't miss watching those movie animations that were on screen during this school holiday season. Missy and her BCF had a whale of a good time over a meal and snacks during our day out.

Phew! and there went our week's long of school term break! Oh aren't we all looking forward to the next school holidays?! (never mind the exams in between... we set our eyes on the next holiday!)

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