Saturday, February 06, 2016

Cocoichibanya @ Plaza Singapura

*Food Tasting Invite*

We have been up to our necks with the home reorganization as well as renovations that it's such a delight to receive an invite to have a nice family meal out of the dusty messy home. (Read: a good temporary escape for me).
Japanese food has been an all time favorite food of my family's (ahem or should I say it's my personal favorite *wink*). We usually associate Japanese food with fish and raw food but not with this world's first Japanese curry restaurant, CocoICHIBANYA. My kids and I are huge fans of Japanese curry hence we were naturally excited to check out what's in store for us here.
We arrived here at their latest outlet, Plaza Singapura, in the early evening before the dinner crowd streamed in. I was immediately taken in by their minimalist decor and clean, brightly lit shop front, definitely impressive and inviting.

We have never stepped into a CocoICHBANYA restaurant before this invite and what surprised me was that the curry served at this place came with 5 different levels of spicy-ness that patrons could opt for (what a delight), which means I don't have to compromise on my love for hot spicy food because the kids cannot take it as hot as I do and I would need to accommodate to their preference.

While on this food tasting we were given all the levels of heat of the curry to try out, ranging from Mild, Standard, Level 1 all the way to Level 5 (Crazy Hot)! You can imagine me going all gung-ho and head straight for the highest level of heat! HAH!!! The initial taste of the crazy hot curry was ok, but the heat builds up S.L.O.W.L.Y.... and you've been warned! It's interesting but not something I would take a second or third mouthful as it's simply too spicy!!!

The great thing about dining at this place is that patrons get to customize their own curry rice! Customers can choose to adjust the amount of curry, amount of rice, spicy level of curry and add any number of toppings according to their preference. Talk about customization, this is one of the first I've encountered in a restaurant.

We were offered many different dishes to try out and of the lot these were what I've enjoyed most...
Hash Beef Omelette Rice
If you do not wish to customize your meal, here's a great option as a meal, Hash Beef Omelette Rice. It's simply deliciously made with lovely red wine and beef broth that gave its sweet and savoury taste. This reminds me of Boeuf Bourguignon, so flavourful and combine that with the creamy melt in your mouth omelette and tender beef strips, delicious is an understatement.

Tofu with Fried Fish Salad
This salad has got to be the BEST salad I have ever tasted, no kidding. The sesame dressing simply brought out the best of all the ingredients. The soft tofu and crunchy anchovies gave this salad different texture that it's hard to stop at the first bite. Even Missy who's not fond of salads fought to have more it.
Tonkatsu (Pork Cutlet)
Tonkatsu and Teriyak Salmon really do not need much of my further introduction. We ordered these as additional topping and love how these dishes were so fantastic when paired with the curry that was served along with them.
Teriyaki Salmon
Can't end a nice meal such as this, without something sweet. The Milk Cream Puff and the Chocolate Crepe Cake are the must have at CocoICHIBANYA.
Milk Cream Puff
This light choux pastry contained within it is sweet frozen cream combined with bitter sweet chocolate sauce, it's simply YUM! I was secretly hoping that I could have it all to myself and not share it!
Chocolate Crepe Cake
A delicately and painstakingly done crepe cake that didn't disappoint! Mildly sweet chocolate mousse in between the many layers of crepe, it's really very hard to just stop at one slice. Unlike regular sponge chocolate cakes, I love the texture in every bite of this cake.

By the end of the meal, all the four of us were very stuffed up but we had a really very enjoyable meal! It's a great place for a family meal. If you have young children you might want to check out their kids' meal menu with 4 options to pick out from.

CocoICHIBANYA - Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road #03-73
Singapore 238839
Tel: 6238 7539
Operating Hours 
Sunday - Thursday 10am - 10pm
Friday - Saturday 10pm - 11pm

Disclaimer: We have been invited by ATMC on behalf of Coco Ichibanya to a meal for the purpose of this review


PurplePulp said...

Thanks for the lovely pics! We are also great fans of Japanese curry, and this is one of our favourite places to indulge!

Mamabliss said...

Hey Purple Pulp thanks for dropping by :)