Friday, December 18, 2015

Lost In Transition

It's the school holidays and we have been out and about quite a bit this season. I was often out with the kids traveling around by the public transport (ie. the bus or the train). We have been out together so often that I always thought we will not lose each other in public places. Never have we worked out  a safety plan before because we have totally taken the safety that we have enjoyed in this city country completely!

And so that fateful day of being separated from my child came as we were on our way transiting from one train line to another. Missy went ahead of Little Man, her cousin and I and boarded the train from the opposite side of where we alighted; while the 3 of us were making our way to join her, the train doors closed right in our faces! The horrified Missy burst into tears immediately while I was trying hard to tell her through the many panels of glass between us, where to wait for us. Obviously at her state of panicking she wasn't able to figure out what I was saying.
A kind samaritan witnessed all that had happened and had very kindly taken care of the situation by calling me and watched over Missy while we hopped onto the next train headed towards where she was waiting with Missy! I was truly grateful for God's watchful eyes and protective hands upon us!
This was a teaching moment and a lesson learned not just for the kids but for me as a parent. We need to work out a safety plan and guide our children how to sought for help in such a situation.

When separated from mom or dad in public places, here's what the child can do - (ensure child has memorised your mobile number)
1) Remain where they have been separated from parent. Look for a lady with children and explain what had happened; ask for help to call the parent.
2) If unable to find a lady with children at where they are, go seek help from information counter
3) If child got separated from parent during transit at the train station, always alight at the next stop at the same door where the child boarded the train from and wait for parent to come for them in the next train.

It was indeed a blessing we met a Good Samaritan that day, more importantly it has reminded me not to be careless when it comes to safety issues with the children just because Singapore is a relatively safe country to be in.

Have you worked out any safety plans together with your child or children? Please share your safety measures with me I will be really interested to learn. 😊

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