Saturday, October 31, 2015

Reversing a Health Condition

I recently watched with great interest to this 9-part docu series on "The Truth About Cancer". In this docu series, I've learned that THERE IS a CURE for disease such as cancer, what more other diseases if only we choose to discipline ourselves to eat well and make some lifestyle changes.
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For the longest time, I have always felt the inclination to seek natural ways to healing a health condition. It's a gut-feel but I know for sure God has created all food for nourishment and healing purposes. We just need to seek out and be disciplined enough to eat right, live right, that's the key to healthy lifestyle. Here's a good explanation what is diabetes, it's more than just a result of eating too much sweet or starchy foods.
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Upon more research (here & here), I've found out that there is more than one way to reverse my diabetes condition. But the crux of the matter is, I need to be more discipline and stick to that desire to want to reverse the "chronic disease".  The reason why I said it's "chronic disease"(in inverted commas), is it's not chronic at all, because it can be reverse (as mentioned by the doctor here).

After watching several youtube videos (here's one of them - a good one) in my process of research, one thing that stands out prominently is to stick to a plant based diet is the cure to many health issues. It's not a diet program that I am putting myself through, but it's more like a way to get myself started with a new habit of eating that I am gradually starting with(again). I am dropping the medications that Doctor has prescribed and taking actions to eat more responsibly. I am still gathering sufficient "energy" to get myself started with an exercise regime (a gentle one that is), but that I have to kick off the inertia first (still trying).
I juiced these vegetables and fruits for my breakfast.
Although I have started eating healthier, I must confess, there are days where I find it hard to stick to just eating purely vegetable/fruits (or a plant based diet as some would call it) alone. I do get tempted to munch a sweet snack or even indulge in food that I deemed as comfort food. I don't beat myself up, though at times, I do feel that it irks me to even eat those food that I know is not good for my body. I hope that I continue to feel disgusted by the food that I used to see as delicacies and eventually put a complete stop in deeming them as delicacies!
I had this for lunch
I have started to switch to a more plant based diet since 2 weeks ago and am still working hard to switch completely to an absolute plant based diet. But I like how it has condition my body, so far I have lost a few centimeters around my body (didn't actually measure but the best gauge was in how I fit into my jeans and shorts more easily, and I've thrown away 2 pairs of shorts that were too loose now *smile*). I was better at clearing bowels more regularly as the gut is being cleared by all the fibre I take in daily. I do feel more energetic as well. I noticed how sluggish I feel when I used to have a meal heavy on carbs, oil and meat. It's almost like I need a nap immediately after a meal and I'd feel tired, dizzy & groggy throughout the day.
This breakfast kept me filled up even way beyond lunch time
If you have read this post thus far (thank you), here's something I stumbled upon just yesterday and I know it made sense as I've also read it in many other websites in my course of research. There are 3 foods (natural foods that is) that can help us diabetics when taken on a regular basis (I've heard about the first 2 though not the last one, but it was interesting to note).

I want to be able to share here how this diet has changed my condition soon and I really see that there is hope for us diabetics to reverse our condition. So stay tuned!


The Beauties In Our Lives said...

Great post! I had turned pescatarian as well, to be more precise, I am now a vegan and only eating some steamed fish. I dropped all carbs except for some brown rice and whole grains. And I stopped drinking coffee. And I agree with you! A plant-based diet definitely makes us more energetic throughout the day!

Michelle said...

Indeed, a very great post! I am not a vegetarian but I do really eat a lot of fresh fruits for a healthy living today. My mom has a diabetes and sharing this post can help her.