Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Beach Bum For A Day At The Lazarus Island

It's the school holidays and the kids were restless. Have read about and seen many photos about the beautiful untouched 'blue lagoon' at the Lazarus Island shared on the social media; didn't quite make any arrangements to visit this place since hearing about it.

We were so glad to have made a trip to the charming beach of Lazarus Island today! This place is completely unspoilt, clean and totally serene. I did a little digging on google about the Lazarus Island and discovered that there was a GRAND PLAN behind this place (and the surrounding islets) which was named the Southern Island Development (read more about it here). For some it might be a pity the grand plan didn't move forward but for those who love nature that's undisturbed it's great news!

It was really easy to find our way to this lovely island. We rode on the MRT to Marina South Pier station (take exit B) and bought our ferry tickets at the Singapore Island Cruise Services counter (see ferry schedule and ticket pricing here), got ourselves to St. John's island before taking a 15-20mins walk to the Lazarus Island.
Since we knew that there weren't any amenities in the St John's and Lazarus Island, we made preparations of our own food, snacks, drinks and all the necessities for a day of being a beach bum (ie. prepare sunshades, sun block lotion, mosquito patch/insect repellent, Mopiko, wet wipes, tissues, picnic mats, picnic umbrellas, beach/sand toys for the kids etc).
There weren't any coast guard around so if you are bringing your little kiddos along, please be watchful.
We found a pavilion in the middle of the beach area and settled down to have our day of fun. Not far from this pavilion was a jetty where privately chartered yacht can come right into the island; in this jetty, there is ONE washroom that's for common use, it's about 10mins walking distance away from the pavilion so it's not that bad now that there's a washroom accessible within the island itself *smile*.
The kids soaked up all the sun this afternoon at the beach and caught so many hermit crabs(which was later all released back to their home), made a few new friends and had an absolutely whale of a good time!
So glad they didn't ask for the electronic gadgets and simply enjoyed the day of fun by the beach with no toys, no fastfood, no fancy entertainment but just the sun, sand and the sea!
This place is definitely worth checking out if you want a quiet getaway from the mainland's hustle and bustle; though I cannot say if it's going to be as tranquil as it is during the weekends because this island has gained popularity of late.
We know for sure we will be back to this charming place again!


Adora Tan said...

Thanks for sharing this! It's been on my (never ending) to-do list!!

Mamabliss said...

Oh Adora, I love your Fun for Free activities it's wonderful! Let this island be your next destination with your girls soon! :)

The Beauties In Our Lives said...

We love this island too! So quiet and tranquil! I love what you packed for your picnic - so healthy!

Lee said...

Hi, love your thoughts and the very well taken pics. Regret I've never heard of this beautiful place...its beautiful! Bet you all had a great time. Your pics taken with a SLR camera or your h/phone camera? Very clear and sharp too, impressive!
Have a nice day and keep a song in your heart.
Best regards,