Monday, May 18, 2015

Here's Our June Holiday Activities

Contrary to school holidays MUST BE spent out of the country, I've always look within our homeland for fun activities that can expend all the kids' energy, as well as learn a thing or two on my own as we go along.

This year's activities would allow more time for the kids and I to do discussion and sharing more stories. I cannot promise that it'll be the same kind of fun in theme parks but I am sure it will leave them some fond memories to recollect some years down the road.

Heritage Trails
This has been an activity I have wanted to do for a while now. With this year being SG50 we have more reasons to learn about Singapore than before! We will begin with our own town and the surrounding towns around us. As I researched, I didn't realize there are so much information to gather about our estate here. In addition, I could add a few anecdotes of my own being a student in this vicinity in my primary and secondary school years.
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So much information is available on the internet and ready suggested trails you can take to just learn about the different towns in Singapore. See the links below for details -
National Heritage Board
Explore Heritage
Your Singapore

More details of our trail in a later post, so stay tuned!

Singapore Pinacothêque de Paris Museum
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This is a new museum (located at Fort Canning Park) which is slated to open at the end of May 2015. I learned about it only recently through a friend and since the kids and I have been reading about some of the world renown artists, it'd be a great experience and opportunity of discussions for us to go visit this museum.
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Follow-up activities after this visit would be some art fun pulled out from this art book by Mary Ann Kohl

If you are interested in introducing art to your children of any age, check out this list of great books that you and your children can explore together.

Vacation Bible School 2015

This is the fourth year I am sending my kids to this program. It has proven to be a great program to put the kids in. Year-on-year the kids would request to go back to VBS and I have definitely no qualms signing them up (ppssst that means I'd have some me-time *smile*)

VBS runs on a different theme each year and this year, it's about Obedience to Jesus Christ! Which incidentally, is my one word focus for year 2015!!! (ok! I hear God loud and clear about keeping to my promise of obedience)

See more details about this program here. If you'd like to sign up too check out this link.

Omni-Theatre (Media Invite - *Updated)
We were in awe as we were presented with the "live" show of cosmic surfing. The audience were "transported" from Singapore all the way through the milky way.

With the aid of satellites activities around the galaxy was made clearer to us. It's simply fascinating!
For more information do check out this link here.

Children's Season 2015 - National Museum
A media invite - More details to be updated soon! Stay tuned!
Photo credit National Museum Singapore
After our media invite at the National Museum for Masak Masak, we decided to take a short walk over to the Imaginarium at 8Q by Singapore Arts Museum. We were really in for great and fun surprises. The children had so much fun, they didn't want to go home! We really could spend the entire day here! If you are a Singapore citizen or a PR, you enter the Imaginarium for free! For more details check out their website here.

Gardens By the Bay - Flowers Fun Time with Nursery Rhymes
(Media Invite - *Updated)
Our recent visit to the Gardens By the Bay was a really pleasant one. We took our time to learn the names of the plants and flowers. We didn't rush through the walk like we did previously. I preempted the children to take time to "smell the roses" and pick up a thing or two instead of running wild.

I was more fascinated than they were. So many beautiful blooms and oh the temperate environment simply made me want to just stay there... forever... lovely place for a family to just spend some time together.

Check out their website on details for their latest exhibits and promotions.

Dinosaurize Me! @ Plaza Singapura
(Media Invite - *Updated)
Little Man is a huge fan of Dinosaurs! We were absolutely delighted to be invited to have a preview of the exhibition co-presented by Plaza Singapura and the Singapore Science Centre, where science is being brought nearer to the people at the mall. This exhibition commences from 29th May - 14th June 2015. The dino exhibit is open to public and if the children wish to participate in any of the hands-on activity a fee of $5 is chargeable. For details please go to this link.

Some other fun but not too expensive or even FOC activities
Family bonding time at Frozen by a Thousand Blessings, an Australian self-serve yogurt bar. Read my update here (Media invite - *Updated).

28th SEA Games Carnival
What great fun we had at the 28th SEA Games Carnival. So much to do, and we could literally spend the entire day here! Happening at the sideline of the 28th SEA Games is this carnival where the entire family is able to enjoy a day out together. For more details check out the website here.

A word of caution though, there will be road diversion and closure on the 5th and 16th June due to the official opening and closing of the SEA Games. In addition, a huge crowd is expected to turn up on these 2 dates.

Visits to the National Library 
I need my kids to be quiet at times, best activity would be to read! hah! What better to do than to visit the library and cart a load-ful of books home and kick up the legs and read!

We really have no lack of places and things to do even when we are in Singapore during the June school holidays! All it takes is some planning and creativity! *wink*


Rose said...

What a fun list of school holiday's activities. Kids can be restless so they need something to entertain and keep them occupied.

Mamabliss said...

haha yes Rose I have to always think of something to keep them occupied! :)