Monday, May 04, 2015

Healthy Living Through Healthy Eating

I have been down with flu which later developed into stomach flu that incapacitated me for almost 2 weeks! I felt weak, breaking out in cold perspiration, feeling nauseated and dizzy most of the time. I threw up my dinner and had the runs so often! It was HORRIBLE! This episode, has once again reminded me the importance of good health, it is after all the temple of our Lord's Holy Spirit, which means it's important how we take care of our body.
"Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? For you were bought at a price, therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God's" ~ 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 
I've been diagnosed as a diabetic for almost 2 years now. Diabetes is not unfamiliar to me. My late paternal grandma, dad and uncle all passed on due to complications derived from the chronic disease. For the whole of my 2 pregnancies previously, I had to be on insulin jabs twice a day and I've to test my blood glucose on alternate days 3x a day for the entire gestation period.

Since my late dad's passing, I wanted a life free of jabs and medication, free of being bedridden, free of being a burden to myself and people dear to me, free of being unable to consume this or eat that because my health forbade me to. I felt a nudge to take care of my health, I tried to adjust but wasn't very committed to stick on with a healthier diet. My appetite for desserts, deep fried food and seafood grew so big that I scare myself, literally! I indulge in everything that my appetite desired.
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I heaped up 5kg of weight on myself just within a year and I was desperate to shed them all off. Not for vanity reasons but really, my diabetes condition was a gnawing thought hanging on my mind all the time, it wouldn't let up.

The nudging became a literal push when my dear hubby bought me this book.
My eyes were opened to the truth that it is not God's design for us to be sick. Through "What the Bible says about Healthy Living", I've gained loads of insights on how our diet and habits of food intake have so much impact on our health. It can go either way, much to our own doing.

I am now determined to reverse my diabetes condition and I have set my mind to commit to a healthier dieting habit. I will submit in obedience to only consume what God has created as food for us, minimise the reliance of heavily processed food/ingredients, and will resolve not to indulge or even get addicted to food.

Before I fell ill recently, I've started to go meatless in at least one meal a day and even with meat in our meals, I cut out pork and seafood. I've cut out oily breakfast food such as prata, chwee kueh and I've also cut out sugary and deep fried snacks and have instead snacked on fruits, vegetables, chick peas, seeds and nuts. I've also cut back on the usage of processed condiments/premixed sauces.

I am not surprise how such adjustments have brought me much more energy than before. I feel less sluggish and was able to keep up with the demands as a mom and wife better. Yes, I do get hungry more often but it's also forced me to take multiple smaller meals each day, which in fact is ideal for a diabetic.

From this week onwards, together with my family, we will commit to eating meatless weeknight dinners for the entire month of May. I've come to realised that with a little planning and loads of determination, healthy eating habits can be build up.

I am sharing the principles I based on for our meatless weeknight dinner meal plan and of course recipes in my other blog so do hop over and read in detail.


pc said...

What a big change, Pauline! All the best to the new journey!

Mamabliss said...

Thank you PC! I have been wanting to do this since last year but wasn't committed enough :)