Thursday, February 12, 2015

Five For 2015

For a long time, I've been planning, deliberating, procrastinating and the process repeated itself over and over again till I felt suffocated emotionally and physically.

What am I talking about? I've made a decision to stick to the one word focus in my spiritual walk this year but have still been wishy washy about the changes I desperately need to make in my practical life.
So when my good friend, Rachel, started this blog train - 15/5 Things I Will Do Differently in 2015, I knew it is now or never to just hit the road and work out the changes!
Offering grace and patience towards my children have been something I've struggled with for many years now. Looking in retrospect, I've spent far too much time reprimanding them vs laughing with them. 
It will be for me a time henceforth to quit sweating over the small stuff and to enjoy my children's company, relish the days and not let it slip by in regret. 

Too many books are sitting on the bookshelf collecting dust from months and even years of neglect. Yes, I am guilty as charged in being completely drawn away by the alluring social media and world wide web.
I've started to pick up a book that I now have been glued to. My all time favourite author Sally Clarkson, blessing me with loads of inspirations on how to be a better mom!

Being a chronic hoarder - yes I hoard everything, from kitchen towels, to stationeries, to craft items, to detergent, hand soap, electrical appliances, bake wares, cooking ingredients, books, to even tissue paper..... the list never ends... 

I want to be a better stewart of the gifts and blessings God has given me. I've made a promise to myself to buy need basis and not base on wants. 

Still in the middle of giving away more of items that I've hoarded yet have no use of, but am progressing!

When one steps into my home, it's not difficult to realise that I manage the home clutter in stacks of organised mess! And YES it has to change! 

It feels wonderfully good when some major areas in my home has FINALLY been organised and has been cleared of clutter! I am especially proud of my kitchen counter, refrigerator, kitchen cabinets, laundry room (aka Service Balcony), bookshelves in my study, the reorganisation process was really fun and most satisfying! 

The key I have learned was to put everything back to its proper place right after use that way I wouldn't accumulate clutter.

There's still much work to be done reorganising and organise my home, I know I am progressing!

There is going to be more homecooked meals from this year on. I am (and even my children are) sick and tired of takeaway meals. 
I used to cook only dinner for my family, I have however, decided to prepare a few days worth of lunches over each week, working to make time for it.

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