Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Deaf Becomes Me - Not

The ability to hear has always been something so natural, so unnoticeable, something that I take for granted always until one morning, 3 months ago, I woke up with a heavy pressure on my right ear. All I hear on my right ear is a high pitched ringing sound and muffled sounds from the environment.

The pressure was much like how we feel when take a flight while ascending/descending, and the muffled sounds from the environment sounded like when we are under water.
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The first 2 days of the experience was scary. I thought I was about to lose my hearing - forever! I insisted on seeing the doctor immediately; the doctor did a very swift check and told me it was the ear wax that had blocked the passage, he assured me it would take about a week or less for me to recover after I've applied the ear drops for dissolving ear wax.
One week gone by, no signs of healing, pressure on the ear came and went after a few days. I saw at least 4 GPs (General Practitioners) for this ear problem over a span of 4 weeks. One said it could be a viral infection of the inner ear, the next said it was Vertigo/Tinnitus. None could give me a proper diagnosis and suggest a cure.

Finally one GP, according to my description of the problem, told me, it could be Meniere's disease, which upon research, sounded more like a right diagnosis for my problem. To my great dismay though, there's no cure for Meniere's disease!!!

Nonetheless, I went to an ENT specialist finally. After a nose & ear scope and hearing test, a few medications prescribed, and after spending $500 the problem still persisted. It got even worse on some days. This was the time, I knew I could only turn to God, my heavenly Father, the master healer!

And to my great comfort, I woke up one morning while turning to my devotion, God showed me His message to my cries.

For a whole 3 months, the ear pressure problem bothered me almost every other day, some weeks even at least 5 days a week. It was so bad that it was affecting my mood and I felt overwhelmed all the time by the demands of the day while managing the ailment. That's when I realize how much I needed God's strength to see me through the hard times. I am grateful for His blessing of a great group of ladies whom I can constantly rely on for prayer needs and support. This episode has also taught me to remain faithful and trust only in Him (my Heavenly Father) because what men cannot do, He can!

Incidentally, it was also during this period, I chanced upon this quote.
There's no coincidence in all these subtle messages that I get along the way of my hearing problem. It was an admonishment by God that it was time to heed His Word, and stick to my one word commitment - ie. Obedience!

The last review I had at the ENT specialist, it was discovered that some dead skin was crowding around my right ear drum and the doctor had it removed just a week ago, but the ear pressure continued on for a few more days. 

Within this period, I prayed, listened to & sang worship songs regarding healing and have felt God's loving grace upon me. He is good, since 4 days ago to date (still counting), I've experienced pressure-free on my right ear and I wake up unable to thank God enough for His mercies and grace!

If you are also facing sicknesses or have anyone you know who is sick, do read more about the ministry that my dear friend Rachel and I are in. We'd be happy to hear from you and help pray for the people that matter to you. Here's the link to read more about how our ministry works.

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