Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Not for Likes, Nor for Shares

It's been a while since I minimize my sharing actively and loiter less around the social media. For those who are among my Facebook circle, you would have noticed I am much quieter on that platform now. I have even volunteered to step down from Munch Ministry, a little baby I've worked long and hard for in the past few years.

All these decisions and actions was birthed when I started a 40-day Love Singapore concert prayer throughout July till Singapore's National Day. Praying for the nation, for the people and for our families was what I've committed to do on this 40-day prayer journey (something which I've never consistently done, but I did this year). During this 40-day journey I've been jolted out of my comfort zone to take a long, serious and hard look at my life as a christian the past few years.
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Like what my dear friend, Rachel has shared in her recent blog post (click on link to read), I've fallen into the social media trap. I eat, live, breathe, being active on the social media. Trying to get ahead - to look out for increased number of likes/shares of my posts, working long and hard all day so that I can look successful. I try to say the right thing, share the right ideas, have the right "stuff", have the right social status, rub elbows with the right people, all in an effort to pass society's popularity contest and win its approval. This is indeed a result of placing all the priorities at the wrong place with a wrong motive. It's just a means to win love and acceptance from the outside world.

I was reminded by God that I am His child and I am loved by Him. He is well pleased with me. It's not based on my performance. It's based on my relationship with Him through Jesus, so I have to stop striving to establish my identity and prove my worth. Gaining acceptance, more likes and followers was never His plans for me and it shouldn't be a scoreboard others grade me that I should base my worth on.
Henri Nouwen rightly puts it - "life, service, worship, everything flows from God's affirmation of us at the deepest centre of our being. But when we try to establish our identity on something other than relationship with God, the consequences are devastating."
This calls to mind of a song I've sang as a christian for so many years, and the truth in the lyrics only recently dawn on me that when I turn my eyes upon Jesus, everything else in this world (the world's way of seeking self-worth, gaining riches and being influential) just grows strangely dim (ie. not of any great importance anymore).

With a more deliberate decision to stay away from social media and to be in a position walking closer and waiting upon the Lord, my dear friend, Rachel and I have started a prayer ministry. We avail ourselves to pray for anyone who has a prayer need, so please feel free to drop me a PM in Facebook or email. You don't have to be a christian, you just have to share your need for prayer, and we will gladly pray for you.
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We are open to any christian friends who wish to join us as part of our Intercessory Prayer group. Our prayer meetings will be weekly on either Wednesdays or Thursdays from 10am - 12pm, in various locations of Thomson/Bishan/Toa Payoh/Upper Bukit Timah.


Edith C said...

I shared the same sentiments and that is why after nearly 8 years, my blog still has low traffic and hardly any comments (hehehe) and I don't really care. Visiting blogs after blogs and thinking ways to increase traffic is not my priority. If I have comments and able to make friends, these are bonus as it is hard to find like minded people who shared the same passion but my life is not all about that.The blog is not my life and it is just a journal that documents my recipes so that my kiddos can use it next time but my family comes first. Don't give up your sharing but do it at your pace. Good luck.

Mamabliss said...

Thanks Edith for stopping by my blog today and sharing with me your thoughts :) yes indeed increasing traffic and gaining more attention is no longer my priority anymore. It's more important to focus on the people around us :)

Cooking Lesson said...

Well said! Thank you for the reminder. Indeed what's the use of having the whole world and yet lose your soul.