Sunday, May 25, 2014

Survival Tips for SAHM : 7 Tips on Grocery Shopping

Research has shown that 60%-70% of what ends up in our grocery basket/carts is unplanned. Grocery shopping doesn't have to break the bank if you know what you are doing. So pick and choose from among these tips below, which I hope it'd be of good use to you and your family:

Set a Budget for Your Groceries
Before I usually head out to the market or supermarket, I'd decide how much I am willing to spend. This makes prudent grocery shopping. I'd also be conscious of how I will spend those $$$. Though I'd always be reasonable and know my limits. In addition, I'd use cash or pay by NETS for all my transactions at the grocery stores that way I will be more careful of how I spend.
Shopping List
With that plan in place, I wrote down on a separate piece of grocery list separating the categories into Meat/Fish/PoultryVegetablesSauceMisc items. Makes navigating around the grocery stores much easier and usually would not miss out anything that's necessary for my meal plans.

Before I head out to the supermarket I'd double check what I might have left in the freezer/fridge/pantry to ensure that I don't buy unnecessarily.
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Buy Only the Items on the List
I am one who would usually end up with frivolous items in my grocery basket. You know, things which I want over things which I really need. Hence, spending extra $$$ yet taking up storage space at home. Since the beginning of this year, I made it a point to just buy what I need (stick to buying only the items that I've prepared on my list) and buy in the appropriate quantity/amount (ie. not to over-buy or stock pile).

Cut Back on Meat
Meat is expensive. We don't go vegetarian completely on every meal but I do cut down the amount of meat I put into the dishes I cook. I combine more vegetables/legumes/tofu with meat for some of our stir-fry dishes. In our meal plan, I add fish into our dinners more often as well.

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Try Store Brands
I would pick out store brands for items such as pastas, olive oil, dried spices etc. as these items are usually less expensive at the supermarts and I believe all food manufacturers follow standards to provide safe food and beverage products of reasonably good quality.

Ignore the Snacks or Promotional Items at Check-out Counters
Smart marketing people always place small and frivolous items at check-out counters playing up on the subliminal/incidental appeal to shoppers who are waiting in the line to pay up. So try not to pick up any of those items if you have no plans for it. I've fell into that before and added more than what I've budgeted for my grocery shopping, so don't be fooled!

Go Grocery Shopping When Kids are in School
Whenever I go grocery shopping with my kiddos, we'll somehow end up with some kind of junk food or anything frivolous such as a toy or extra pack of sweet drink. Even if I try to stick to my guns and refuse their relentless requests, it'll almost always end up an unpleasant shopping experience when I had to say 10,000 times of no's to them on every request that they make about buying that something extra. So in most cases, I save more $$$ when I shop alone.

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Adora Tan said...

Great tips there! Oh yes grocery shopping alone is much more pleasant as well!

Evelyn said...

Useful tips! My biggest problem isn't over-buying, but rather forgetting what I need 'coz I tend to rely on memory instead of lists. I think I've been spoiled by having a provision shop 2mins away from home, so I still have a second chance when I forget things like onions and milk.

I find it a bit tricky to use the same ingredients differently to give the kids variety in their meals. I pretty much rotate the 2-3 meals that I can prepare for lunch, while Alf cooks either pasta or fried rice for dinner.

Mamabliss said...

Thanks Adora for starting this blog train, I've really learned a lot from the rest of the SAHMs :)

Mamabliss said...

Hey Evelyn, thanks for dropping by my blog :)

When you mentioned about using the same ingredients, are you referring to the same vegetables/meat etc ? Usually I try to buy ingredients that is sufficient for 1-2 meals. I try to cook the same ingredients differently not within consecutive days so that the kids wouldn't feel that they are eating the same thing.

Perhaps you can google on what can be cooked with the same ingredient to give you some ideas?

Pastas are great there are a myriad of ways to prepare pastas. Fried rice too can change the ingredients a little and you can have a different form of fried rice.

You may also want to try making stews and go with rice or bread that will save time and also give you guys more variety :)

Let me know if you need anymore help would be glad to answer your questions.