Sunday, May 11, 2014

June's School Holiday Planning

It's that time of the year again, here's to share how and where I do my research on where to bring the kids to and how to keep them occupied for the month's long of break before I tear my hair out.

We don't have the luxury of going on overseas holidays and so that makes me more vigilant in ensuring that the activities I pick out for the kids would excite and keep them happy.

The usual place I go to for my research are split into FOC (free-of-charge) and Paid Programs (and if it's paid, it's got to be worth it; read: cheap and good!).

The highlight of every June's holiday for my kids would be the 5-day long Vacation Bible School.

 It's run by some churches in Singapore. Here's the list of churches (that I am aware of) that are running this program during the June school holidays. Call up to these churches to find out more of their VBS program and dates.
International Baptist Church
Thomson Baptist Church
Maranatha Baptist Church
Life Bible Presbyterian Church

Following last year's Big Eyes, Big Minds, Singapore International Children's Film Festival, we will be re-visiting it again this year with a whole host of new films to view. The kids really enjoyed it tremendously last year so I've decided to book the tickets for this year's film fest (click on the link to check them out) once again. Just for a taste of being artsy fartsy!

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The Yakult Factory tour has been something on my to-list with the kids for quite a while now. Finally, we managed to book our seats with one of the Community Clubs in our neighbourhood this time. Here's the link to the PA's website, for the various Yakult Factory Tour go to the search menu and key in "Yakult". Be sure to book them fast as they usually get fully booked quite quickly.

It's only $5 per person (we are Passion Card members) the cost covers all transportation to-fro the Factory and the CC. This is what I considered cheap and good! *smile*

Recently heard about this new program that's up at our Singapore Science Centre and decided that we'll pay the Kids Stop a visit.

More details about this newly set up section in the Singapore Science Centre can be found here (click on link).

The Dinosaurs Dawn to Extinction exhibit at the Art Science Museum, has been an exhibit that Little Man has been pestering me to bring him to, so it's naturally being planned into our June's holiday program. Need no further introduction as it's been around for quite a while now.

The annual Children's Season by the National Heritage Board is here again and there have been many new programs lined up in the various museums that we will pay a visit to. Just to name a few, National Museum (Masak Masak - my childhood), Philatelic Museum (Horses for Courses), iExperience (Children's Infocomm Workshop).

Have heard and read so much about the Children's Garden at Gardens By the Bay and this is the next must-go venue for my kids. I'm probably one of the last persons to bring the kids to visit this place as so many have raved about this place for so long now.

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Besides those activities listed above, we will make our way to the National Library on a weekly basis. While I've researched but the June's programs at the National Library website is not up yet at this point in time of this write-up. Here's the link where you may check out later what they might have lined up for the coming June holidays.

That just about covers most of the activities we wish to do for the coming June school holidays. Should we have more time, we just might chill out at the swimming pools of the Safra Club which the kids absolutely love to do! 

For more ideas and info on where to bring your children to and what to do during the coming holidays, you might want to check out the following websites :

Here's a wish of a great school holidays ahead to all of you great moms and dads out there!


Ling Dawn said...

I have been looking for registration for the you know how to register for membership?

Mamabliss said...

Hi Dawn, have you tried calling up to the Singapore Science Centre to check? I didn't know there's a registration of membership to be done. I thought it was a walk-in visit thingy. There was no info on membership on their website too, so am not sure.

pc said...

Happy school holiday to you and the kids! Besides Children's Season, I'm very keen on the film fest, hehee. Have yet to plan, your suggestion comes in timely;)!