Tuesday, March 25, 2014

In My Grocery Bag : Grocery Haul March Week 4

I am the main person in my household who does the grocery shopping weekly. I'd usually try to complete my 5-day week of grocery shopping in the beginning of the week. I've shared some time ago some tips on meal planning (click on the link) and so my grocery shopping always begin with a meal plan.

To begin with you can either get a calendar or grab a template such as this, this or this, to work on.

This week I have in my meal plan a variant of one pot meals (well, almost). I love to keep meal prep simple so I would almost always (unless I've been inspired to try something new) resolve to just one pot meals daily.

So here's my 90% worth of groceries for this week -
I love a variety of colours in our daily meals. As much as I could, I'd purchase fresh fruits/vegetables with different colours, just so that we consumed sufficient nutrients for our bodies' needs.

Eggs are a must-have in our household, I'd usually ensure we have up to 20 eggs at the beginning of each week. The rest of the items were purchased for our dinner on Monday (see meal plan above).

For the meat/poultry/fish/seafood, we don't really have any restrictions in our diet though I try to keep our pork intake to a minimal and replace it with beef more often. Seafood such as prawns or squids, we only consume them once in a long while, they are after all scavengers of the seas so for health reasons we try not to eat them as often.

Our first dinner meal of the week was Cold Soba with Tempura. The joy of home cooking and the satisfaction of a hearty meal that's enjoyed by my family, with loads of - "That's yummy mommy!", from the kids just made all the hard work of planning, purchasing, preparing and serving all worthwhile!

Join me in my next sharing of what's In My Grocery Bag again!

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pc said...

Very nice! I need to be more organised like you do;)!