Friday, March 07, 2014

Healthy Beverage : Osmanthus Aloe in Honey

Have you noticed? It's been weeks since we last had rain pouring down our land. All the grass, plants and even trees are withering and parched. The weather has been freakishly dry and hot lately that it was unbearable!

I've decided to just give ourselves something to cool down, nourish and replenish all the fluid in our bodies. Made a dessert with just 4 simple ingredients.

Aloe vera (I bought the canned aloe, you may get fresh aloe from the supermarket or if you have an aloe plant at home), 2 teaspoons of Osmanthus flower (I got a bottle from the chinese medical shop), 2 teaspoons of Wolfberries and some honey.

Here's how the process goes in preparation for the wonderfully refreshing dessert:
1) Simply boil 1 cup water, after the water is boiled just turn off the heat and add the Osmanthus, let it steep for 3-5mins. Let it cool down substantially.
2) Soak wolfberries in hot water till soften.
3) Add Aloe Vera into a large bowl (or container), Osmanthus tea, wolfberries and drizzle in honey (to your preferred sweetness), mix well.
4) Serve it chilled or with ice cubes! Enjoy!

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