Friday, January 10, 2014

Healthy Beverage : Eight Treasures Tea

I have always love drinking tea, green tea, black tea, floral tea these are my all time favourite hot beverage. I am simply a "tea person". 

Some years back I was introduced to the 8 Treasures Tea, also known as Ba Bao Cha (八宝茶) in Chinese . I fell in love with this tea almost instantaneously. I love this lightly fragrant, mildly sweet and visually colourful beverage.
It is known as Eight Treasures Tea because of its special blend of eight main ingredients; namely ginseng root (I substituted it with American Ginseng slices), red dates, lotus seeds, dried longan fruit, goji berries (wolf berries), dried chrysanthemum flowers, dried rose buds (optional), green tea and rock sugar crystals. 

This tea originated from Yunnan China and is considered to have medicinal properties and health benefits in Chinese medicine. The combination of ingredients is believed in China to reduce cholesterol, aid blood circulation, stimulate blood production, relieve fatigue, and strengthen the body's immune system. 

Just for trivia, I read it somewhere on the internet that this tea was one of Empress Dowager's favourites. She consumed it mainly to achieve longevity.

Here's to share with you my very own Eight Treasures Tea that I've concocted at home recently. 

2 litres hot boiling water
3 large teabags of Green Tea (I used the Marks & Spencer's Organic Green Tea with Jasmine blend)
1 cup dried chrysanthemum flowers (贡菊)
3 tbsp dried rose buds
1 pack of cooked lotus seeds (I bought it ready from the supermarket)
1 tbsp goji berries
8 red dates
8-10 slices of American Ginseng slices
10 dried longan fruit
2tbsp rock sugar crystals (adjust sweetness according to your preference)

1) Wash the dried flowers, red dates and goji berries
2) Add all the ingredients except the water into a glass pitcher or teapot.
3) Pour into the pitcher/teapot hot boiling water. Cover with a lid and allow the tea to infuse or steep for 10-15 minutes.
4) Serve tea into serving cups. You may top up with hot water and rock sugar crystals to make a second round of the tea.

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