Thursday, December 19, 2013

First Visit to Modesto's Pizzeria [$50 Vouchers Giveaway!]

We have been invited to the newly reopened Modesto's Pizzeria at Vivo City recently. The new outlet is now located at Level 3 of Vivo City, on the boardwalk, and it comes with a great alfresco dining area with a beautiful view facing the harbour.
Photo Credit: Dominque's Desk
On the first look at the exterior of the restaurant one wouldn't have noticed that this is a family oriented, kids friendly restaurant. But I was pleasantly surprised at how much thought the owners of the restaurant have put into making the environment as conducive as possible for patrons with children. There were colouring sheets completed by kids plastered near the entrance of the restaurant making it very inviting for the children. 

In addition, I was extremely pleased at how attentive the waiting staff were to our needs. Upon arrival, they picked a table that's at a corner where the kids could have some space to walk about without disturbing other patrons. It was a rainy afternoon when we were there, we've been given a table where the air-con draft wasn't as strong. Even before I asked for help, they took initiative to ask if I needed anything further. I was really impressed!

When I took a look at their menu, man, was I spoilt for choice! It took me a good 15 minutes to decide what I wanted to order because everything looks GREAT to me. If I had the stomach space, I would have ordered even the dessert! But I was with my two kids alone so there was really a very limited choice I have because we really do not want to waste food.

Take a look at their full menu here if you are curious as to what they have to offer. Remember I mentioned that this restaurant is kids friendly? They even have a very special children's menu for the little ones to make their own choice of pizza or pasta and dessert! 

While waiting for our food to be served, Missy and her brother were busy working on their colouring sheets with the complimentary crayons that were offered to them. 

Our appetizers were served quite quickly after the order was being placed. We cannot resist it when we saw Calamari and French Fries on the menu. The kids simply love the appetizers! 

And how can we not even try their famous wood-fired pizza while at Modesto's? We ordered a Greca pizza and the mini size was just perfect for a mother with 2 young children.
Since we were feeling rather hungry, we ordered two types of pastas for variety and to fill up our tum-tums.
Missy's favourite, Penne Alla Bolognese. She's got quite a good appetite that day!

And I was craving for clams so this Linguine Alle Vongole was naturally my choice!

By this time, you can imagine how stuffed we were with all these yummy great food! The children enjoyed their trip to Modesto's Pizzeria and I had a good lunch while keeping my sanity in check. Thanks very much Modesto's for lunch, we are certain we will be back again some time!

Here's a chance for you to try out the food at Modesto's. There are 2 x $50 dining vouchers up for grabs! These vouchers can be used at any of the Modesto's outlets. This giveaway is open to all residents of Singapore.

1 Harbourfront Walk
Vivocity #03-11
Singapore 098585
Tel: 63769098

Operating Hours
Daily: 12pm - 10pm

Facebook Page:

Here are the winners 

Disclaimer: I was given a $70 dining voucher to offset the cost of the meal. All opinions are 100% my own.


Teo Kiali said...

Hi, i would like to win the voucher :)
Teo Kiali

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Hope to win a voucher so that can bring the kids to enjoy the nice pizza there :)
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Fannie Teo said...

I wanna win this to treat the kids to their fave pizza

Fannie Teo

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I want to win this so that I can bring my girl there for a meal and she will be kept busy with the colouring!


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Thank you for hosting the giveaway. Would love to try their pizza!


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Their pizzas looked absolutely delish! Hope to win the voucher! Sharon

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My kids are big fan of pizza and pasta.would love to bring them there to try.


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Thanks for the giveaway! Will treat hubby to the pizza :)

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Meeeeee.....the sams would sure love to try it out.

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Hope to win and bring my family for a nice meal!

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My babes love pasta & pizza!


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Time to feast!!! My family love pizzas!

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Yums! I LOVE modestos. Been ages since I've been there. Would love the vouchers!

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Would love to bring the kids for a nice meal & a good time! Promise to spread the word about the good experience we're looking forward to have 😉


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food looks great! what a treat!


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Would love the opportunity to finally try Modesto's wood fired pizza!

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Lee Wen Loong said...

My wife who is 27weeks pregnant love the Linguine Alle Vongole picture you took and she would love to try the SALSICCIA E SCAMORZA with our 4yr old daughter who love pizza.
Thanks for the blog post, and even if we didn't win, I will definitely still bring my family to patronize Modesto's Pizzeria to satisfy my pregnant wife craving :)

Lee Wen Loong