Thursday, November 14, 2013

School's Ended for the Year!

So, it's the end of school for year 2013! We have went through 4 terms of waking up at 5am each school day for the past 9 months or so, I can say, we've survived! Hah!

It's been a year of honeymoon for us, I'd say. Other than the weekly spelling and 听写, we literally did nothing much but breeze through the year as if Little Man was still in K2. Sure, we did some workbooks here and there only when we are enthusiastic about it but we were pretty much laid back on the whole.

When Little Man came back with his report book yesterday, I didn't even take a look at it till late at night when I suddenly recall that he has his report book stashed in his school bag. I am not hung up over what he scores; hubby and I have a pact that we would only take note of and coach him of what he doesn't know or have problems with. We don't insist, neither do we harp on how hard he needs to work to make the mark. All we ask of him is, to be serious when he learns, to put in his best, and not to be conceited even if he did well.

There are really many things that the principal and teachers have done that I truly appreciate. Great efforts have been put into ensuring that all boys in Primary 1 transition into formal school slowly. The boys are not given any extra work neither were they being pushed to do beyond what they could cope. The principal and teachers also made various attempts to remind us parents not to make the boys do too much extra work or sit through extra classes beyond school; to allow the boys more time to play and enjoy learning. In addition, there is a strong emphasis on building up the christian values in the boys, as a focused session is given to the boys every week and on any regular day in school the boys would also be reminded of the values they ought to observe in any given situation.

The principal puts a very dedicated heart in leading a prayerful life and had also activated the parents in the Parent Support Group to come to the school to pray. On a daily basis (Monday to Friday), there will be separate prayer groups coming to the school to pray for the boys and school in all aspects of school life. Leading by example to the boys how important it is to have a close spiritual walk with our Lord Jesus.

Little Man is happy to be in school and that's a great relief to us. The past year has been filled with mostly fun and games in school that I often wonder if he really learned anything at all. Hardly any homework was given by the teachers, we haven't practice much for all the tests, with more than 4 learning journey trips (read: excursion/field trips), birthday parties, funfair, and various other activities it's hard to believe that he's in formal school. But I am not complaining, because that's how I like learning to be - FUN! That was something I was not given the privilege of during my school years, but that's another story altogether.

To prepare for Primary 2, we've started to talk more seriously about school work to Little Man. We have laid down some plans for this school holidays. We are more concern about Chinese than English and Math. He's less than enthusiastic about the subject and I do see it as his achilles heel if nothing has been done. We are trying to resist having to put him into any enrichment classes or tuition classes for Chinese at this time or if we could hold out for as long as possible.
We do see the importance of consistency in working on the subjects/areas that he's weak in, as it will build up his confidence as he goes along. The plan for him will be to complete this entire work book (see photo below), during the school holidays. Practice comprehension for both Chinese and English and pick up the skills on presenting his answers concisely and clearly. Read more chapter books borrowed from the library.

I am not expecting him to ace his tests or exams, and I will not put emphasis in that as well. My wish for him is that he'll be focused and responsible by putting in his best in whatever he does. With that, we hope he'll be ready for the next hurdle to come in year 2014. To which the hurdle for me would be to care for and guide 2 kids who will be in primary school next year!


Rose said...

My girl also not so enthusiastic about Chinese but glad she shows improvement this semester compared to previous one. But I keep telling her to learn the language as well as BM and English. I send her to tuition and happy that it gave good result. I did not give her pressure in exam as long as she passes all subjects and tries her best.

pc said...

Great to have a breezing year, Pauline;). Enjoy the holiday while preparing for P2!