Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Home Cooked Meals Make the Difference

A few years ago, after our live-in helper left, I fed my family with take-away meals up to almost four times each week. I’ve just too much I wish to accomplish in a day to want to worry about food preparation. It was just too much hassle for me then.

Until one day, my hubby and I felt so sick and tired of the taste of take-away meals, plus the food we took back were usually heavily laden with salt, oil and MSG. On top of that, I learned that, much of the junk food I feed my children has a direct cause of behaviourial problems. (source: Red Ice Creations)

That’s when I decided that something has got to be done for the sake of ours and our children’s health.

Beyond just health issues, here are 5 reasons why I decide to cook at home:

I know what has been added into my food
When I pick up take-away meals, very often, I didn’t know what I was eating especially when it’s prepared without me in front of the cook/chef. But when I prepare my own meals, I will be fully aware of the ingredients.

Saves me some major cash
I can cook a delicious and nutritious meal at home for much less money than eating out. Better quality food and cheaper too!

Brings my family together
Cooking at home provides a platform for me and my family to establish some family traditions. I love it that my children could witness or even be involved in the process of food preparation for each meal. They could also pick up a thing or two about our family favourite food. Which I hope too, that one day they would learn how to prepare and cook them and making it a family’s culture.

Family dinner is a great platform for communicating with my children. It’s a chance to really hear about what is going on with them and show them that I am engaged in their lives.

Expand my repertoire
Ever since I started preparing meals at home, I love getting in the kitchen and getting creative and seeing what I can come up with. Cooking has now become my favourite activity that I’d almost try out a new dish everyday.

Avoid Food Poisoning
When we dine out or bring home take-away meals, there’s a risk of consuming food that are prepared by inexperienced handlers, and might expose my children to a risk of improper cooking and or cross contamination of foods. So to me it’s best to prepare meals at home where I can better control the temperatures when cooking meals. To also ensure that my hands are kept clean by properly washing them with Lifebuoy’s antibacterial hand wash.

As the saying goes, “Nothing beats a home cooked meal”, it rings true in my household. Best of all it has so many benefits!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All opinions and story are 100% my own.

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