Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Look At Our Year End School Holiday Plan

During the June holidays, the kiddos had such a blast because there were activities lined up for them almost daily (except for the hazy daze) that they kept asking me what will I be planning for them this coming year end 6-weeks holiday. I have been (as usual) procrastinating, now that it's the last few days of term 4, I know I can't run away from the responsibility now.

Here are something I've worked out, which will definitely go easy on my pocket, yet provide the fun and learning opportunities for the kiddos. Looking forward to an exciting school holiday once again!

Here's what I've worked out -

World War II Historical Trail

It was this picture book I randomly picked up at the NLB recently and we watched a youtube video about it that got the kids really interested about the World War II. Now this does sound a bit heavy for a school holiday activity, but I've structured it in such a way that learning is by-the-way and not heavy on the kids.

I drew some learnings from the National Heritage Board website and decided upon the following places to bring the kiddos to. I plan to give them a summary of what had happened at these places during the World War II and possibly just walk through these places to tell them how different they looked then and now. Will get them to journal/photograph the journey as well.

Fort Canning Park and the National Museum
Esplanade Park, Padang, St Andrew's Cathedral, the City Hall (all these are close to one another so we'll talk and take a photo walk)
Reflections of Bukit Chandu Museum 
Photo Credit Link

Memories @ Old Ford Factory
Photo Credit Link

Fun Waterplay
Needless to say, my kiddos are water babies since young. I am sure these places would delight them and they will ask to go back again and again!

Seng Kang Swimming Complex
Photo Credit Link
Science Centre Waterworks
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112 Katong 
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National Library and PA organised Workshops
Workshops by NLB - @$2 per child/per workshop
Detective Hat
Detective Notebook 

Workshops by PA - @$42 per child/per workshop
Fun with Forensic Science
Lollipops Science Cookery - Edible Glass & Fizzy Potion

We will be watching these movies
Free Birds
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Justin & The Knights of Valour
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Other Indoor/Outdoor Play
Changi Airport
We will be visiting all the 3 terminals if the kids wouldn't be stuck at one place.
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Holiday Art Class at Heart Studio
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Bollywood Veggies
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Hort Park
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Bishan Park
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Gardens by the Bay
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Weekly NLB Visits to build up on the reading habit!

That just about sums it all up for us this coming year-end school holiday. Hope you'll find this list of activities useful one way or another!

Have fun!


Angie said...

Sounds so exciting! Will also be visiting some of the same places as you! :D

Mamabliss said...

Yeah Angie! I hope these activities would keep the kiddos at bay and not in my hair :P great minds think alike!

Lil Bookworm said...

Forensic Science! I signed that up for AJ too. Not sure if I will bump into you!

Mamabliss said...

Hey Lil Bookworm, thanks for dropping by. Yeah it'll cool to meet you :D

Yee Cheng said...

Fun Fun Fun! I wanna be your kid.

The Beauties In Our Lives said...

These activities look so fun, Pauline! We brought the girls to the Ford Factory some time ago, and we love it!

Rose said...

Wow. So many places to visit and many activities lined up for them. I am sure it will be a blast for all of you. Have fun and happy school holiday!