Tuesday, October 01, 2013

More Reasons to Shop at RedMart

Have you ever felt frustrated shopping online? I certainly have had my fair share of moments where I gave up trying to shop on certain websites simply because their websites were too complicated, too many steps and unreliable delivery services. However, I was pleasantly delighted in my experience shopping at RedMartIn fact RedMart is a site where I will shop at over and over again for sure!

In my previous post I’ve shared all the great benefits of shopping for groceries at RedMart. But the story doesn’t end there! I certainly have more reasons on why I enjoy shopping at RedMart!

Easy Navigation
I enjoy navigating around RedMart’s website as it’s so well organized and completely idiot-proof! The layout of the various categories and subcategories  make it so easy to locate/find the items I wanted.

Even if I cannot find the item I want, the search box is certainly a useful tool!

Vast Variety of Products

The thing that fascinates me about RedMart is the wide range of products in each category. I felt completely spoilt for choice because they are so well stocked it’s literally shopping at a supermarket, albeit an online one.


For busy moms such as yours truly, I find the “My List” program in RedMart is an absolute heaven sent! I am a creature of habit, especially towards regular grocery items, I’d usually stick to the regular brands. The unique thing about “My List” is RedMart’s system records all my past orders including the dates of purchase. This is really convenient when I need to restock the kitchen or household item.

Responsible & Reliable
When it comes to online shopping, I am particular about reliability of the online merchant in terms of observing the delivery date and time. Having their own fleet of delivery crew means that there’s more control in ensuring the delivery is made on time.

I was also pleasantly surprised that RedMart took extra care in making sure that the items I’ve ordered are delivered in good order.  Even though my items were delivered by hand, I was especially impressed when I received my bottles of sauces all nicely wrapped up with bubble wrap.

There are simply too many reasons for me to want to continue shopping at RedMart! It’s a two thumbs-up shopping experience for me! So why don’t you try shopping at RedMart too?

Disclaimer: I have been compensated for this post and shopping credits provided so as to provide an accurate user experience account. All information is correct and true at time and date of review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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Rose said...

Oooh. Now can buy those groceries online and delivered to your door? Interesting!