Thursday, August 08, 2013

Stepping Up on Dengue Prevention

The dengue cases was rampant that led to many deaths and numerous reported cases of dengue fever was at an all time high! Was I concerned? Of course I was!

Fortunately for me, I was invited to attend a workshop that was organized by NEA/PA to Fight Dengue followed by a block visit to the residents of Yishun. This was a first experience for me to be involved in a grassroot activity.

The workshop was timely as I’ve realized I was rather ignorant about the deadly Aedes mosquitoes and the bad habits I’ve formed at home that might create the best breeding ground for the pesky Aedes mosquitoes!

It was also a great opportunity for me to mingle with other volunteers who were present, I even had the first hand experience of the volunteers in action.

Amongst the volunteers, I met Mr Toh Hong Chiaw, who’s been a volunteer under the Residents’ Committee for 18 years! Mr Toh, has been a dengue volunteer for a few years now. On a regular basis he’d go house-to-house to spread the message and show residents how to prevent and get rid of potential mosquito-breeding sites in their homes.

On a daily basis on his own initiative, Mr Toh, would look out for potential mosquito-breeding grounds in the neighbourhood.

When asked if he had met with any challenges being a volunteer, Mr Hong, being very candid, mentioned that he’s met with unfriendly and uncooperative neighbours, however, that didn’t deter him from being a volunteer. He felt that being able to contribute to the general good of the residents of where he lives has brought him much satisfaction and sense of achievement even during his retirement years.

Before the peak dengue transmission season, NEA has taken proactive steps and measures to combat the dengue situation in Singapore. More than 50 dengue-related activities and walkabouts have been organized to educate the public about dengue prevention. NEA has also been actively recruiting more officers and volunteers to help mitigate the worsening of dengue situation.

Everyone of us can help to make a difference in the fight against dengue. Let’s all take actions to ensure that our homes and surroundings are free of stagnant water!

The long weekend is round the corner and if you are planning a short getaway, here’s some great tips to prevent mosquito from breeding in your home while you’re on vacation. Let’s all be vigilant and be safe!

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