Friday, August 23, 2013


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14 days ago, I rode on the bandwagon of an intensive whitening treatment that promised to help achieve visibly fairer, smoother and more radiant skin! (see my first post)

And for 14 days I’ve been slathering this wonderfully light and heavenly smelling serum onto my pair of legs and arms after bath each day, which really took less than 2 minutes to be done. It was in a flash this 2 weeks’ challenge was over!

Here’s a look at the results –

(photos are without enhancement nor colour adjustment; skin was without the application of the serum at point of photography)

I must say, I am rather pleased with the results. I am no longer shy about donning that pair of shorts out of the house to run my daily errands.

Though the whitening is not as visible to me, I could most definitely feel that my skin is much more radiant, supple and less flaky and dry. I am not too concerned about the whitening effect as compared to ensuring that my skin is more radiant than before!

In fact, I’ve learned through the use of the NIVEA Body UV whitening serum that whitening products will not change naturally dark skin to fairer skin. What whitening products do is to lighten skin pigmentation (due to exposure to the sun or due to ageing factors).

There’s no denying that the application of the serum has to be done daily within a period of time in order to see the efficacy of the product. At a price point of $9.55 it’s value for money, consider that it’s the first body whitening serum with a SPF 25 rating and the results that was evident in my before and after photos. It is most definitely worth a try!

Disclaimer: This is second of two posts as part of the 14-day product experience trial, sponsored by NiveaSG. I am compensated for this post, all product attributes mentioned are provided by NiveaSG, all opinions are 100% my own

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