Friday, August 16, 2013

My One Pot Meals of the Week

It's been a crazy week last week due to the long weekend where kids and everyone else is at home. I've limited time to get to the grocers and having to manage the needs of the children and household all at the same time, seemed like a daunting task!

So this week, I wanted to give myself a simpler dinner plan thus the decision to make it a One-Pot-Meal Week! I love one-pot-meals, for it just makes preparation and cleaning up a lot less complicated!
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**Note: Recipes of all these dishes will soon be shared in Munch Ministry.

Monday night's Stroganoff took a wee bit more time due to the making of the meat balls but that wasn't too difficult as I've prepared it way in advance in the morning. When it was time to prepare for dinner, all I needed to do was to boil the pasta as I prepare the Stroganoff sauce, easy peasy! Assemble them all together once the sauce and pasta are ready!

Tuesday night's Salmon Stew was a complete breeze! Chopped the vegetables, stew them in with the aromatics. Separately, I pan fried the salmon cubes (I've cut the fillet up into large cubes) to just brown them. Once the stew was ready, I just dumped in the fish meat and stew it for a further 5 minutes and all's done!

Wednesday evening was a relief! Boil a pot of soup with Japanese Tsuyu sauce, put all ingredients into the boiling soup and in minutes, voila! All that was needed to go with this pot of yummy goodness, was rice!

Thursday evening, I tried something new, something which I've not made before - Fried Kway Teow with dark sweet sauce. It turned out alright, there was nothing left after dinner, which to me was great! I love it that everything I cooked have no leftovers!

Friday's Char Siew & Roasted Pork rice brought me a great sense of achievement. I've finally made Roasted Pork belly with a nice fine crackle on the skin! The first time ever in reaching this result. I've tried making Roasted Pork belly in the past, somehow wasn't able to obtain a nice crackle on the skin. 

Recipe for Char Siew click here

Oh the joy of food preparation comes in the satisfaction of achievement! I have enjoyed my one week worth of preparation and results of one-pot-meals! The work put into researching for that ideal recipe and time put into preparing the food was well worth the while, it's definitely gratifying!

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