Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sensational Singapore - A Taste I Will Never Forget!

It's been more than 35 years and the taste of the Chee Cheong Fun sold by an old lady carrying her wares in coolie baskets on her shoulder, is something I've miss so much for years!
Photo credit: Penang Street & Hawker Food
Sure, Chee Cheong Fun is readily available with lots of variations (filled with prawns, pork ribs and even scallops) these days. But nothing comes close to the taste of the steam rice rolls I've tasted of yesteryears!
Photo credit: National Archives of Singapore
When I was little, I hang out a lot at my maternal grandparents' place along Geylang Lorong 27 and very often, while I was running and playing along the 5-foot way just outside my gramps an old lady donned in her samfu would be stopped by me.

While she prepared the street snack, I would watch intently as she cut, drizzled the wonderful sweet sauce & sesame seeds and wrapped the steam rice rolls in lotus leaves and serving it to me. And this snack was no more than 20 cents at that time!  There was no fancy packaging, no extravagant fillings in each of those steam rice rolls, however, it's the memory of childhood that left a great impact on me, till now!

Though I cannot remember how the street hawker looks like now, her wonderful Chee Cheong Fun, can never be erased from my memory. What childhood food have left a strong imprint in your memory?

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Sarah said...

Lucky you! You got to eat the chee cheong fun from the street peddler! I've never seen them around before, can you believe it? My parents and dad-in-law tells me that only certain areas, closer to town, would have had them.

My oldest boy LOVES chee cheong fun! The sweet sauce is what he likes. For me, I like CCF with just soy sauce, sesame oil and lots of sesame seeds!

Thank you again for sharing your memory and linking up with me!

Mamabliss said...

haha Sarah, I am older than you that's why I got to eat the chee cheong fun from the street hawker :P

Thanks for inviting me to participate in this linky it's a great walk down memory lane for me :)

Dream Journal Author said...

I ate Chee cheong today and missed the taste of the old days and was wondering what happen to this hawker, when I saw your blog. I lived in North Boat Quay in the 70s. She was dark skinned and spoke Cantonese. As she passed by the shops, she would say "Chee Sieh" to announce her arrival. I saw her again the last time at Armenian Street in the early 80s. Fyi