Monday, July 01, 2013

Recap of the June School Holidays!

Before the June's term break started, I was busy researching on the places to bring the kiddos to and had a list of activities planned out. It was indeed great to have a plan as it turned out; we've covered MOST of the places and activities that were listed on my calendar! I was certainly glad the kids had loads of fun almost on a daily basis (not withstanding a week of bad hazy daze that we were caught in between).

Here's a recap of our very eventful June holidays...

1. Philatelic Museum, 2. Civil Defence Heritage Gallery, 3. 5-day Vacation Bible School, 4. Singapore Art Museum (Q8), 5. Eat, Play, Love cafe (we were there twice), 6. Leave Your Mark exhibition, 7. Gardens by the Bay, 8. Sentosa Island - Tiger Tower, 9. Sentosa Island - Luge, 10. Sentosa Island - Port of Lost Wonder, 11. National Museum, 12. Waterplay at NEX

13. Kidz Amaze (we were there 3x), 14. Art @ Heart Studio, 15. Playground at J8, 16. Movie - Tad the Lost Explorer, 17. Movie - Monsters University, 18. Central Library - My Tree House

And we were caught in between a week's long of hazy period where we were home-bound completely! The days were long and we were surrounded by loads of uncertainty of when this hazy daze might be over. I am thankful, the kids although were rowdy at home, didn't complain much about not being able to step out of the house. 

The haze had in fact created loads of opportunities for the kids to do pretend play. So it's as good as their imagination would allow them to enjoy every moment within the days of being cooped up at home. 

Made a trip to the Marina Bay Sands - ArtScience Museum, as the kids were curious about the Egyptian Mummies. This was a great opportunity for a field trip followed by some fun home learning (more about it in another post).

And finally the month's long school holiday ended with us going for a series of films entitled Curious Critters, presented by Big Eyes Big Minds 2013 children's film fest. More about the children's film fest on a separate post.

I wish we could have covered more outdoor and or nature play but the unexpected looming of the haze in our country has forced me to work out other contingency plans. Well as long as the kids had fun, I'm not complaining!

I am really glad the school holiday's OVER!!! Now, I can have some normalcy back in my life again!

Most of the places we've visited are not time sensitive, such as the museums (free entry for Singaporeans and PRs), Sentosa Island and playground, water play area in the malls. They are all worth a visit during the weekends or whenever you have time to bring your kids to. 

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Dominique Goh said...

The kids really had fun this holidays.. They are already looking forward to the next holidays.. I think your kids maybe the same too .. :)Yours had so much fun!!