Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Prevention is Better than Cure!

Every child gets sick from time to time especially when they are in school. My children are definitely not exempted from it. Reason being, young children are exposed to many new germs (viruses or bacteria) and have yet to build up enough defenses against them. In addition, children in group settings come in contact with many children, so they have a much higher chance of getting an infection from another child.

My kids would be infected at least a few times a year from common colds, cough, gastric flu to even conjunctivitis. The worst that we’ve experienced was hand foot mouth disease (HFMD).

The good news for me is, most of these infections are mild and won’t last very long (with the exception of HFMD). My children are now 7 and 6 years of age respectively, and I’m really glad, praise God, they get sick less often as they grow older.

I guess, before we can prevent an infection, it’s important to take a look at how they are spread  

While it is beyond my control once my children enter their school compound and would be exposed to the germs around them in school, here are a few steps I take to help protect my children against germs!

We encourage frequent washing of hands with a good anti-bacteria hand soap especially after:
- Coughing or sneezing into their hands or wipe their noses
- They have used the toilet
- Coming home from school or after an outing
- (Before) each meal

Building up the children’s immune system:
- Offer freshly cut fruits that are rich in vitamin C and bioflavonoids
  (eg. Orange juice, kiwi fruits, strawberries etc) to my kids
- Feeding the children with more fish and cod liver oil
- Dining at home more often
- Sufficient sleep

Where busting the germs is concern it’s better to take preventive measures rather than cure. The children are just too precious to me and I’d hate to watch them suffer due to infections.

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