Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Brand New Experience

My children have been to theatre works but have not yet had a chance to experience a film fest before. I remember the very first time I have ever encountered a film fest was way after I've become an adult (I know, I was a mountain tortise).

I have enjoyed the films I've watched and I was glad there's such an opportunity opened to children at my kids' age (the films curated for this event were suitable for children age 2 onwards!). The chance came when I stumbled upon the Big Eyes, Big Minds website during the past June school holidays.

I love it that my children could be exposed to quality and culturally diverse films where they are able to appreciate and have a new knowledge about the craft of filmmaking. It is my hope that they'd enjoy alternative/non-commercial films as much as they love the Disney-made or Dreamworks type of animated movies.

Will definitely bring the kids for the next Children's International Film Festival again!

These were the series of short films we watched at the recent Singapore International Children's Film Festival (found some of them on youtube)

Reloaded (click onto the link to watch)
If you love stop-motion animation and music with crazy beat, then brace yourself for Baskerville's 'Reloaded'. This film has no subtitles, no dialogue, but the animation is enough to tell the story. It's about a science experiment that went awry. Little Man enjoyed this very much while Missy didn't appreciate much of it.

Gruffalo's Child (click onto the link to watch the trailer)
One wild and windy night, the Gruffalo's child ignores her father's warnings and bravely tiptoes out into the snow in search of the Big Bad Mouse. She meets Snake, Owl and Fox but no sign of the fabled Mouse. He does not really exist - or does he? 

Absolutely cute and heart warming. We love the clever mouse!

Mina Moes (click onto the link to watch)
Mina (7) loves Minnie Mouse. She puts her mouse ears on to school everyday. Her teacher and her mother want her to act normal and that she should dress the same as the other children.

Mine and Missy's personal favourite! Missy loves the girly theme in this story while I love Mina's passion in Minnie Mouse. Her perseverance and determination is what I admire! The story brings about a value and core message within it.

Tom & the Queen Bee (click onto the link to watch)
This time bees can't help Tom because all of them focus on the upcoming visit of the Queen Bee. But Tom doesn't mind. All he wants is a slice of bread with strawberry jam and honey. Everything changes with the arrival of Her Majesty the Queen Bee, who's wished to meet Tom since a long time ago.

This one was entertaining, the kids had a good laugh!

Recipe for Love
Another stop-motion movie. A lonely cupcake bakes up a love life.

Great efforts in the creation of this stop-motion movie. The creator even won an award for this film. Was unable to find the short film on the internet but here's a little detail about the film (click onto the link).

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