Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Quiet Day of Baking Mini Fruit Tarts

 It was a nice quiet Sunday afternoon, the kids weren't quite in the mood to be involved in this baking session as they have been promised by the daddy that they could watch videos (and so I called off the Busy Lil' Hands session). Since I had all the ingredients available and I was craving for mini fruit tarts for almost 2 months now!

The process of preparing all ingredients from scratch can be time consuming even though it wasn't a very complicated nor a difficult process.

All that's needed to make the tart crust were either the tart mould (photo above) where you can press the dough down and shape according to the mould. This would be great if you have more than 24 pieces of tart mould as this can potentially cut down the baking time 

The other alternative in getting the tart crust shaped, was to get this type of cookie cutter. I got mine through a baking supplies store. With this cutter, all is needed is a muffin tray (see photo below). 

There are only a few very simple steps in making the tart crust. 

It's just the mixing of raw ingredients into a dough; take a small piece of dough and roll it into a small ball, then flatten the dough and use the cookie cutter, cut the dough into shape and place them onto the muffin trays. Prick a few holes onto the dough to prevent crust from puffing up.

Baking of the tart crust takes approximately 20-25mins (or until they turn golden brown). The crust were easily removed from the tart mould or from the muffin trays, it didn't need any oiling at all as the butter in the dough would have allowed the crust to be removed easily.

To ensure that the crust doesn't turn soggy and soft after it's been filled with the custard and fruits, the tart crust would need a coat of melted chocolate. I used the dark chocolate couverture.

Melt the chocolate chips with the double boiling method (ie. a heat proof bowl over a pot of boiling water) as seen in the photo above.

While the chocolate is still hot, with the back of a metal spoon the melted chocolate was coated on the tart crust. Let it sit for 15-20mins (or till chocolate is cooled and slightly dried).

While the cooling the tart crust, the custard filling was prepared. I combined the Frosty Whip powder and instant custard powder with water and whip it with a mixer till the mixture was thick like cream. Fill the piping bag with the custard cream and chill it for 1-2hrs.

It's really much easier to get custard cream using these two ingredients. There's no need to cook the custard at all.

At this point, Missy, got interested in what I was doing and requested to help me pipe the custard cream onto the tart crust. 

While Missy was piping the cream, I cut the fruits up and was ready to top the tarts! It was a long process (I spent about 3 - 3.5hrs in the kitchen) but when I put these tarts into my mouth, it was pure satisfaction!!! 

Ask if I would make these again? Yes, yes yes!!! It's too delicious not to make these mini fruit tarts again!

Click on this link to find the recipe of the Mini Fruit Tarts.


JJ Mummy said...

It look so yummy! Think my boys would be keen to help out in the piping of the cream and fruit arrangement. ^^

Mamabliss said...

Yeah JJ Mummy!!! Especially now with the school holidays, best to engage them with some kitchen fun time! :)