Friday, June 14, 2013

My New Love the Philips Perfectcare Steam Generator (PSG) Iron

While I have been a homemaker for 5 years now, truth be told that household chores have never been my forte (even till now); a chore, that’s what it is! Amongst all the chores I detest most, would be ironing because I’ve never once seemed to be able to have any garment pressed perfectly. There’s always crease somewhere when I feel that I’ve spent forever ironing just one shirt.

So when the nice guys at Philips sent me the Philips Perfectcare Expert Pressurized Steam Generator (PSG) Iron, I didn’t know what to expect because for one who detested ironing all her life, would this supremely high tech iron made any difference?

I was in for a surprise! Because this is no ordinary iron! Good riddance to the old steam iron which brought me more pain in ironing than help! Hello, PSG Iron!!!

After I’ve unboxed the gadget, I dived right into checking out the features and functions, here’s what I’ve found out -

There’s no need for sorting the ironing by fabric type and fiddling with varying thermostat settings. What needs to be done is to just fill the detachable water tank with 1.5 litres of water, switch it on, and take it off to your ironing expedition!

It doesn't have a temperature dial. The revolutionary OptimalTEMP technology combines steam and soleplate temperature perfectly, thereby making it easy, safe and fast to use. The thing about this PSG iron is that it’s not only the heat that does the work – it’s the high volume of steam that can continuously be generated up to 120g/min & steam boost 260g.

Other features include:
  • Auto shut-off when inactive for 10minutes
  • Indicator for low water level
  • Power on and descaling light indicators
  • Cord storage
  • Carry lock
  • Ability to steam-iron clothes vertically
  • ECO Mode for 35% energy savings

*More features and detailed product information can be found on this link 

And I must not forget to mention this Easy8 Ironing Board that comes with unique ShoulderWing System, as this ironing board plays an important role in the ironing experience. The people at Philips had it all thought out, this board includes 8 clever solutions that solve all ironing hassle.

*More features and details about the ironing board can be found on this link

I was all excited and oh too eager to try out the iron because of all the stated features and functions. As I feel that I’ve found the answer to eradicate my ironing woes!

So I quickly set it up, filled the water tank to the max and waited! For such a huge and heavy duty gadget, I would thought that it would have taken at least 10 minutes to heat up but no! It took only a mere 2 minutes to be ready for use! Amazing isn’t it?

I tried the iron on my lycra pants, laced top and a jersey cotton camisole. I would describe the experience as “effortless”!

I’ve also tried ironing my son’s school uniform (which I have forgotten to take a photo of), it was so super straight! Can you imagine me beaming away at the result of my ironing effort?

And so I realized that maybe I was never really adverse to ironing, just that I had never found the right iron to help me discover the therapeutic joy in ironing.

Actually it is rather like finding the right man to marry. Speaking of whom, I am sure he is secretly rejoicing now that he doesn’t have to endure wrinkles and creases in his clothes and a grumpy wife who can never get his shirt properly pressed!

Oh! It is so addictive to use the iron that erm… I got a bit carried away and began ironing undergarments too… oops! You know that’s a joke right?

Having had such a great experience using the PSG iron, the only small complain I have about it is the sheer weight the iron + base and the ironing board. But that in my opinion is neglible!

The Philips PerfectCare Expert PSG iron retails at S$699 (with a complimentary Easy8 ironing board worth $299). Available at leading electronics and departmental stores today!

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary Philips PerfectCare iron & ironing board for purpose of the review. All opinions and comments are 100% my own.


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