Friday, June 07, 2013

Advertorial: Cuddly Love with Comfort Ultra Pure

Laundry! Laundry! And more Laundry! Apart from grocery shopping and cooking, the next chore that I have to take care of would be laundry. Not just one load per day but at least 3 loads everyday!

Since the kids were infants to date (pre-schooler and primary schooler) laundry is the only chore I need to do on a daily basis. Why do I have so much laundry one might ask. The breakdown of loads of laundry I do are – Hubby’s work clothes (separate load), my personal day-to-day attire (one load), Hubby’s and my home-wear (one load), the kids uniforms (one load), the kids home-wear & PJs (one load), bedsheets (kids and adults separate load), face towels, hand towels & bath towels (one load, kids & adults). So now you see, why I have multiple loads of laundry to do daily?

Since there are so many loads of laundry to be done, I have learned to work in laundry as part of my daily routine in between other chores.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t detest doing laundry as much as I detest ironing! In fact, I find doing laundry a rather therapeutic chore at times.

I love the wonderful smell of freshly washed laundry. My only qualm would be that the clothes, especially the towels would become stiff and scratchy to the touch after it’s dried.  I’ve noticed how this has been tough on the skin of my children. They are young with very soft and delicate skin at this stage, it’s especially important that I ensure proper care and choose a good fabric softener for their laundry so that they would be comfortable in their clothes and towels.
Comfort Ultra Pure fabric softener is specially formulated for delicate and sensitive skin. Its mild formulation delivers amazing softness and is gentle on even the most delicate and sensitive skin. This is perfect especially for my kids who have sensitive skin. The softener leaves the towels with a tender touch that’s just what we need!

The scent of Comfort Ultra Pure is simply heavenly, it’s not overpowering but delicately scented, my Little Missy simply loves it!  See how happy she is being wrapped in the cuddly softness of her towel?

Disclaimer: This post is brought to you by Comfort Ultra Pure softener. Product attributes mentioned are provided by Comfort Ultra Pure. I’m being paid to write this. Opinions are 100% my own.

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