Tuesday, May 07, 2013

What's in My Bag?

I have always been curious about what others carried in their bags because I certainly have a whole load of stuff in my bag that sometimes I forget I've put them in - hah!

So I was happy to link up and join in the fun when fellow blogger mom, Adeline started this "What's in Your Bag?" linky.

I used to change bags that match the outfit I put on, sometimes it could be a daily affair but since becoming a mom, everything has to be done in a snap so I try to stick to the basics that is versatile and could match almost any outfit I put on.

I love this Bottega Veneta Hobo inspired bag, it's the weaving that has a draw on me.

I used to dump everything into my handbag without much organization. Till I was frustrated being unable to find a particular item I wanted. Now I use smaller pouches to keep everything in its proper place to spare myself the frustration.

Tissues, wet wipes and hand sanitizer (never used to have a hand sanitizer in my bag until I have kids). I've also learned to bring more packs of tissues because the kids would always get themselves dirty somehow. I don't usually use the wet wipes at the restaurants and so I keep them for later use in my bag.

How can I ever leave home without this all-in-one gadget? My phone, my camera, my organizer, my watch, my GPS, my internet connection, my.... everything that I need to get myself hooked up socially.

Pencil case as well as a name card holder. 

And of course my purse with my money! Usually carried when I am out beyond the market/supermarket *(disclaimer: I don't usually carry this much cash, just happened so that today I have a little more in my purse). 

My everyday purse where I keep smaller change and the necessary cards.

Every ladies' monthly need! Do you like this zipper pouch I sew? *smile*

A cards only pouch. Too many discount cards, credit cards, what-not cards, I dump them all into this card organizer.

I used to hate carrying umbrellas because they usually add onto the weight in my bag. But I have learned to appreciate the extra effort in carrying this along because there are just too many times I was caught in a rain and couldn't get home! 

Oh in case you are wondering, I don't carry cosmetics in my bag these days, even though I do put on makeup I just couldn't be bothered to touch-up my makeup anymore. Think it's gotta be because I've become a mother - ie. becoming lazy with too many other things to be concerned about! ahem!

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Dominique Goh said...

Whao.. u certainly have lots of cards to bring around. Nice sneak peak into your handbag:)

Adeline Oon said...

Eh! I also have the "dump everything in the bag" attitude and have hard time searching for stuff. and you carry sooooo many pens!! hahah! I have this thing with a pen that needs to be in my bag but I never get round to putting one in. :p Thanks for sharing and linking up!

qiuxian said...

I also carry many smaller pouches too! My husband hates it whenever he needs to find things in my bag, haha!

Mamabliss said...

haha Dom, me KS lor :P thanks for dropping me a comment :)

Mamabliss said...

Adeline yeah I used to carry one pen but when people borrowed the pen it never got returned so I decided to carry MORE hahaha... just in case... another typical KS behaviour :P thanks once again for setting up this linky really enjoyed reading the rest of the mommies' sharing.

Mamabliss said...

haha Qiuxian, men won't understand why we have pouches and more pouches within pouches in our bags :P they just don't get it!

Libby said...

Nice namecards