Thursday, May 16, 2013

Easy on the Pocket School Holiday Plans

In the past few years, I never did any school holiday plans of any sorts simply because both  my kids were in the childcare centre where they go to school even during the regular school term break. Now that Little Man has started formal schooling, I am being "forced" to work out a plan to make the month's long holiday fruitful and enjoyable.

While I was wrecking my brain on where to start on the plan, many of my friends have given me some interesting ideas and as I researched, I've discovered that there are indeed a lot of places we could go, a lot of activities we can do without having to burn a big hole in my pocket! Some places are even FOC!

It's the holidays and I'd really love for the kids to truly enjoy more unstructured activities than having to pay hefty amounts for educational camps! And definitely a NO to all the show & dance at the malls!

This is my plan for the coming June holidays for the kiddos...

Vacation Bible School (click link for details)
This annual event is a must-go for my kids! Last year Missy was denied entry because they were very strict with the age limit. But we are thrilled that both kids could attend this fun way of learning biblical truth through this one week's camp at our church!
Photo credit: Lifeway
Pond Gardens - Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park (click link for details)
This is a HUGE park so we might take a few visits to complete our walk/discovery of the place. What attracted me most is their children's play area and playground. The vast amount of space for the kids to run and create their own fun in! Best of all it's FOC! Plus a great photography walk for me! *smile*
Map taken from Singapore NParks

East Coast Park (Carpark C4) (click link for details)
The other outdoor nature park that we will go back and visit will be the East Coast Park where a tree stands which the kids deemed it the "Magic Tree House". It's fascinating to watch the kids enjoying themselves just by climbing up and down a tree, creating their own stories and fantasies. Who needs the playgym?

Eat.Play.Love.Craft Cafe (click link for details)
Been reading about this place through many fellow SMBs blogs and have been enticed enough to want to check out this interesting kids friendly place and hence it's been worked into my plan as a place to visit with the kids.
Photo credit: Eat.Play.Love.Craft Cafe FB Page
Heart Studio (click link for details)
We love the Heart Studio and the teachers, so we cannot miss the holiday program that this art school offers. 

Activities to keep the kids keen on the arts - Little Man will be attending the Clay Art Relief Print, while Missy has been scheduled to attend the Picture on Tile Flora & Fauna. 

Photo credit: Heart Studio
Leave Your Mark (click link for details)
An exhibition of photography, illustration and stories for children. 

Little Missy is at a stage where she loves to leave a mark at everything in the house - cupboards, chairs, doors, floors, even dining placemats, there are traces of her drawings/scribbles everywhere in the house except on paper!!! So this place will most definitely benefit us! An interesting exhibition & scribbling fun for the kids where they could do with some good graffiti fun! 

Photo credit: Leave Your Mark!
I Love Museum - Children's Season
And so I discovered that NHB (National Heritage Board) is opening up FOC entrance of 8 museums in Singapore to all Singaporeans and Permanent Residents!!! Perfect timing! Will be making a trip down to the - (click links below for details)

Photo Credit: I Love Museums FB page

Creating Magic with Water(click link for details)
A workshop that teaches the kids the magic of water through fun filled science experiments and hands-on creation of magical coloured potion and making a lava lamp. 

I was naturally attracted by the name and description of the workshop that I simply have to sign my kids up for this! :) 

There are really more than enough activities for the kids this June holiday for sure! What are your plans for the school holidays?


xavvy said...

Pauline, thanks for sharing. A really helpful list !

khengyan said...

I'm sending a child to vbs too! I haven't really check out what else is there to do besides that :)

Mamabliss said...

Xavvy, you are most welcome :) Thanks for dropping by my blog!

Mamabliss said...

Kheng Yan, yeah VBS is a MUST-GO :) hope what I've shared will give u some ideas perhaps?

Libby said...

I would love the magic tree idea at ecp if i am a kid bring some masa masa to play along would be fun guess i am outdated but simple fun simple bliss

Adora said...

Wonderful list, Pauline, thank you for sharing!

Mamabliss said...

Thanks Libby. Yes I agree about the part on simple fun simple bliss!

Mamabliss said...

You are welcome Adora ^_^ thanks for dropping by here!