Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Easy Meals for Busy Moms: One key Ingredient Multiple Meals

I am always pulled by the great aroma of the rotisserie chicken counter at the supermarket that I simply succumbed to the taunting of this juicy, tender roasted chicken that I must have it for dinner!

Besides eating the chicken whole, there are few other ways this wonderfully roasted chicken can be prepared as part of a meal. Today I will be sharing 2 meal ideas that can be easily whipped up in less than an hour each with some very basic ingredients.

Cold Soba with Sesame Sauce top with roasted chicken breast meat.

Measure the soba noodles to the portion that you require with a spaghetti measurer.

Vegetable and condiments. In this photo here, there's shredded cucumber, chopped spring onions and julienne slices of red chilli.

The other key ingredient of this meal - Mizkan Sesame Sauce.

The other alternative for a one pot meal would be roasted chicken congee. A pot of congee topped with roasted chicen slices. 

Now isn't that easy peasy? Saves a lot of time in preparation and cleaning up! 

*I mentioned to introduce ideas on how to use the kitchen tools and utensils in my previous instalment of this series; it is now being postponed to the weeks to come for there's something really fun and exciting being lined up later, so stay tune!


Jacqueline said...

Our whole family love the sesame sauce. Certainly must try it with soba... thanks for the tip! Where to find the spaghetti measurer?

Mamabliss said...

Yeah Jacqueline, you must try the soba with the sesame sauce :) it's really a great quick way to prepare a meal! I got the spaghetti measurer from a thrift shop quite a few years back.