Sunday, May 19, 2013

Busy Lil' Hands: Puteri Ayu (Steamed Mini Pandan Sponge Cakes)

In my bid to bond more with my children I try to work in time spent with them in the kitchen. Beyond the day-to-day activities, this once a week bonding time would definitely bring us closer as they have always been curious about my time spent in the kitchen.

There are many recipes we could pick from to work together with the kids. Today, I decided to make these steamed pandan sponge cakes together with Missy. With very minimal steps and very simple ingredients, we whipped up this nice snack all under an hour!

The mini pandan sponge cakes all done! I love the sense of achievement Missy had written on her face as she saw the end-product of her labour of love with me. 

Enjoying a nice snack after all that "hard work"!

You can find the recipe of this Puteri Ayu here (click on the link). I shall work on more Busy Lil' Hands recipes and share in due course. May you be inspired to cook or bake a storm out of your kitchen with your little ones!

Do link up your baking/cooking experiences with your children here with me :)



Jenn - lilbookworm said...

Could you, next time, explore into packing these into an instant mix, then we just buy the instant mix from you. I think we can bake in less than 20mins :)

Mamabliss said...

haha I wouldn't know how to prepack these into instant mix leh, Jenn :)

Anonymous said...

I have tried this recipe today, but the dessicated coconut melted into the cake, not sure why? Was it because I steamed for too long? The cake still taste good though not as nice as yours with the coconut toppings.