Sunday, May 26, 2013

Busy Lil' Hands: Granola Cookies

Kids they love to mimic what we adults do a lot, and I speak for myself especially for my kiddos. Every time I am in the kitchen they will definitely be hovering around me eyeing my every move with curiosity and even a greater desire to want to participate in the process of food preparation.

I figured, the best way to bond with them is to be at a place where I spend a lot of time in, that's the kitchen! 

This week, I decided to try baking Granola Cookies. I took reference from a recipe I found on the internet but made a major modification to it that I think somehow traces of the original recipe can hardly be seen in it anymore.

I left the kids with the recipe and let them do the measurement of the ingredients with minimal supervision by me.

Naturally, kids being kids, cannot resist putting the ingredients into their mouths while at work.

How can we miss adding this all time favourite chocolate chips into the mix?!

After a session of squishing and squashing of the cookie mixture, it's time to roll them out!

All nicely flatten and ready to be baked!

It's hard to resist the temptation of popping one of these wonderfully yummy cookies into the mouth!

Even I found it hard to stop at one... These cookies are so wonderfully delish, you've gotta try baking some with your kiddos!

Recipe can be found here (click on the link)

Do link up your baking/cooking experiences with your children here with me :)


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