Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Taken Root

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"That is the essence of Christian friendship. Beyond common interests, beyond affection, beyond wit and laughter is the ultimate aim of sowing in others the words of eternal life, leaving them with reminders of God's wisdom, refreshing their spirit with words of His love, and strengthening their grip on God" ~ Our Daily Bread (2nd April 2013).

Received a message from a friend whom I haven't met in a long while and was pleasantly surprised by what she has shared with me.

A seed that I've planted (unknowingly) years ago (which I hadn't the faintest idea when that took place) through my sharing of a devotion in Our Daily Bread, have taken root and has sprung up into a plant (metaphorically). Guess our paths crossed with a purpose and I was placed at the right place and at the right time (His time).

I have been a Sunday School teacher for over 3 years now and have been in many occasion had the urge of throwing in the towel. Sometimes I would doubt if any of the work I've done was good enough or did it matter at all. Dealing with discipline issues in class and if the intention of getting the word of God passed on to the children made a difference in their lives at all.

I know I am one who has little faith and this message from my friend is God's way of gently encouraging me to continue to be faithful, because He who hadn't spare His only Son for me, is faithful!

I will smile in my sleep tonight that He has used me for His glory!


Eileen said...

Amen!!! PTL!!! Keep shining babe and I pray that God will use you mightly to bring glorious to His name, Amen!

Mamabliss said...

Thank you Eileen, for your encouragement :) yes, let's all shine for Jesus! :)

Cherie said...

Me too! Sometimes wonder if there is any result from doing these work :) It's not easy but let's perserve on to do His great work :)

Mamabliss said...

Thanks Cherie, for your encouragement :) yes let's persevere in our serving of our King! :)