Monday, April 22, 2013

On a Photography Walk

I love taking photos, since I was 10, I've started the hobby though I've always remain as an amateur in photography because haven't got much time nor money to invest in it (yeah in those days, I took photos with the rolls of film).

I am thankful that with the advancement of technology, I can now go trigger crazy on those shutters! What better to whip out than one gadget that solves every of my need to be connected and love of photography!

It intrigues me that many of the ladies of SMB are so pro in the area of photography. Even a simple phone camera could produce wonderfully taken photos. I was especially inspired by Evelyn, in her recent blog post on how she's taken a different interest in photography using Instagram. The other person that inspired me to take better photos is my good friend Rachel. Take a look at these 2 ladies' beautifully taken photos, it's hard not to be inspired! :)

And so I thought I would try to improve my photography skills by arming myself with some books to read up on. To much of my dismay, this guide book that I bought only gave me the barest minimum on the how to use the iPhone camera more than really giving a guide on photography. So there goes my $10 (bye bye)...

I figured, in order to truly pick up the skills is to go on a photography walk daily. Explore the neighbourhood, observe photo worthy moments and capture that moment! While many of the professional photographers would go on a street photography expedition, photographing strangers and all, I have yet to muster that courage to shoot strangers along the streets, lest I get bashed up or cursed at.
I am no pro in photography, so I shan't share on the tips & tricks of the trade. A few things I could share though - first, be observant. I'd usually observe the photography of the pros, the photo composition is what I usually look at. For that I've read up some basic information on photography composition here, it's benefitted me.  
Next, be willing to experiment and practice. With the ease of a phone camera that is digital, I can take hundreds of shots without fearing of wastage. Take from different angles, top view, bottom view, side view. Take as many as you want and sieve out the best out of the lot.

Lastly, experiment on the different filters (layering it separately) that the photo app might have. It does add some interest to the photos taken. 

I love my morning walks with my Little Missy as we set off to her school. That's when I have a willing subject that will let me practice on my photography :) As I walk alongside her, I'd be working on my mind observing the surrounding, looking out for a nice back drop or an impromptu moment where I can snap a quick shot that will only take us less than 2 mins.

And here's what I endeavour to do, take photos that tell stories, a more journalistic approach. That's my next goal in honing the photography skill. Here's a great article on 5 photography tips on creating a story with your photograph you might find a great tip too! 

Have fun!


Anonymous said...

I love your photos, you have such a good eye!

Mamabliss said...

Thanks Mummyed, I really still have loads to learn :) so for now, I'm trying to practice on my composition skills :)

Jullie Teo said...

Love the photos you've taken. They are really really nice!! ;)

Mamabliss said...

Wow thanks Julie for your kind compliments. I have got loads more to learn in photography :) Great to start with building up on the composition skills :)

Jullie Teo said...

Me too... Lots to explore. Never stop learning!

Btw, I really enjoy reading your blog. Great tips and inspiration!

Have a blessed weekends,