Monday, April 01, 2013

Mamalicious Make-Over

We were in for some mamalicious fun at Style Essence's workshop last week. It has been ages since the last time I attended a grooming session such as this. I'll be honest and fess up that I allow myself to look like a typical housewife on a day-to-day basis ie. leave house without make-up and dressed like I am out to the wet market. You see, I am just the super lazy type of mom when it comes to personal grooming, though I will take extra care to make sure I have my make-up on and properly attired if I need to meet my friends or be at some important events.
In celebration of Singapore Mom Bloggers' (SMB) first birthday, we were invited to participate in a personal grooming session at Style Essence, hosted by the founder Florinda.

 Look at all the pretty mommies! We were all geared up for the session! 
(Clockwise from the top: Samantha, Natasha, Evelyn, Jenn, Edlyn, Irene, Dominque, Rachel, myself and Florinda)

And these were the two ladies who made this fun hands-on session possible. (From Left to Right: Rachel & Florinda)

There were just so much to personal grooming but I like the basics that Florinda went through with us as that's what I needed most. Simple basic techniques add that with some creativity and fun can go a long way. A list of what were the basics I've picked up during the session -
a) Body shapes - how we should enhance our strengths by wearing appropriate prints and outfit styles plus accessories.
b) Colours - we can wear any colours it just has to be in the correct shade/tone.
c) Hairstyles - how our crown of glory can shape our entire appearance.
d) Skincare - using the proper skincare regime and cleansing method.
e) Make-up - the wonders of make-up that every woman MUST know :)

Florinda demonstrating to us the proper steps of facial cleansing, and Sarah was our model that day.

We were all excited about the hands-on session. See how focused all of the mommies were?

The purpose of working on half of our faces was so that we could see and feel the difference after each product usage. Don't we all look like we were ready for Phantom of the Opera performance?

The time we have all been waiting for!

I was the model for Florinda's demonstration on make-up :)

Founder of SMB, Rachel, isn't she pretty?

And finally all groomed up pretty mamilicious mommies of SMB!
(Seated Left to Right: Bernadette (Florinda's biz partner), Natasha, Sarah, Rachel Teo, Pauline (me), Dominque, Florinda)
(Standing Left to Right: Samantha, Evelyn, Irene, Edlyn, Rachel Lim


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