Monday, April 15, 2013

Childhood Buddies

I cannot remember how and who were my childhood buddies. As far as I can remember, I don't get to go on playdates or birthday parties very often when I was in my kindergarten years. My parents were both busy trying to make ends meet then, even when my mom was a housewife we don't go out much either. For those whom I do remember hanging out with, I have lost contact with all of them.

I am happy that my kids have a group of close friends whom they enjoy hanging out with. Especially Little Man! These friends are from his kindy and the parents have made it a point to gather on playdates as often as we could (using birthdays as a reason to meet up) even though the boys are now all in different primary schools.

I believe memories like these will last a long time for the children especially when they rough out, play hard and enjoy their friendship to the fullest. What I can do as a parent, is to provide the kids with the opportunity to build that childhood memory. We are definitely more blessed now with the improvement of technology, memories like these could be easily recorded/captured through videos, photos and even blogs.

How do you help your kiddos build childhood memories?

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