Monday, March 18, 2013

Rock Climbing

What a great way to start the term break from school! After a fun-filled enriching chinese learning camp the boys were taken out on a playdate at the Bedok Community Club for rock climbing.
If there's one thing that I truly like about Little Man's school, that is the strong ties the parents of the boys have within the school. Being in the whatsapp parents network of Little Man's class, has allowed me to foster new friendships with many other parents. Besides sharing about what's happening in school, and helping each other look out of our boys, playdates such as this have been arranged. 

Best of all, the parent who organized the playdate volunteered to help ferry our boys to the destination of play. I am truly very grateful for such gesture of goodwill and assistance from these parents. They are such angels!

This is Little Man's first experience in rock climbing and looks like he's having loads of fun with his classmates. 

It's so nice to keep active Little Man occupied with such physical fun. And I am given the day off haha! *grateful*


MeRy said...

It was so fun...

Mamabliss said...

yeah Mery, the boys had a blast yesterday and all knocked out when they reached home :D