Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Parenthood Relearning

I was recently introduced to this book by our church care group leader. We were going through this book in our cell meetings discussing about parenting matters that's biblical. We seek to find answers to the difficult situations dealing with our little ones' disciplinary issues.

I have just started the book not too long ago but have agreed with the author on what she has written about dealing with the heart matters more than dealing with the behaviour. 

Ginger Plowman, advocates using the rod to deal with the children's misbehaviour but do it with the intention to help the child change from within instead of fearing the punishment.

This book is worth a read I'd say as it offers many biblical approach in managing the kids and many practical examples that we could just take and start running. 

There are just too many occasions where both hb and I are at our wits' end trying to deal with Little Man's misbehaviour the past few months that we are going through every parenting book we could to get ideas on how to manage the task at hand.

There's just so much to learn about parenting and we really want to take an pro-active role in nipping those problems at the bud!

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