Monday, March 25, 2013

Hitting the BIG 4!

Yes! I just turned 40 and am not shy to announce my age for the cliche is age is but a matter of numbers! :)

I am incline to believe that age is all in one's attitude! Though I'd like to say while I can feel and think young I cannot defy the degeneration of my ageing body. So I am heartened that my birthday gift by hubby this year really is what I wanted!

I have recently witnessed and heard of family and friends' loved ones who have been terminally ill that even led to death. ALL of them were plagued by chronic diseases and most of which are genetic! I am in the lineage of a diabetic family. My grandma died at a young age of diabetes, my dad is plagued by the same disease and have to undergo multiple medical treatments even as I type this. My uncle recently passed on due to many complications derived from diabetes. I am not spared either, since I had my first child, I've been diagnosed as a borderline diabetic, and if I don't take care now, I know where I'll be headed in my next 10-15years.

As I hear and watch the happenings around my family and friends' loved ones of the recent months, I question if there was a way that I could have died (I know it's morbid to talk about death especially on my birthday), without the torment of sickness and diseases.

Perhaps it's God's answer to my question or perhaps... I don't know... but I discovered this product and will be embarking on the consumption of it. I do not seek longevity but I would really love that when my time is up here in this world, it wouldn't be spent on consuming loads of medication and lying in bed all day long. I am a very "busybody" it will be extremely torturous to be bed ridden and immobile, to which, what quality of life would I expect to have if I shall be struck down by chronic diseases.

I am not into the habit of consuming supplements but after doing a little homework on my own, I am more confident that it will work well for me. This product has been researched and clinically tested, it's not a medication but a supplement. The scientists behind it were even interviewed by Discovery Channel just recently.

This will be the year that I take a conscientious effort to live and eat well. Because I am 40 and I ought to be responsible of my own health lest I become a burden.

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