Monday, March 18, 2013

Bread Obsession!

There's something about bread making that simply appeals to me that it has developed into somewhat an obsession! *yikes* I love the sweet wonderful aroma of freshly baked bread floating in the air, I love to observe the entire process of proving to baking of the bread, I love the fact that I know what I've added into my bread that I consumed.

Where my inspiration comes from
It all began some 6 years ago when a friend introduced to me (a then complete noob cook/baker) the wonders of a bread machine. I bought my very first Breville bread maker and was totally apprehensive about bread baking because I don't know where to begin. Faithfully and religiously, I followed to the T every recipe that was passed down to me by my friend. It didn't turn out too badly, albeit bread texture was far from satisfactory. You see, I had expected my bread to be fluffy and soft like those found in the stores! 

I was obsessed with bread baking at that time because I have a fan at home who will not reject any form of bread *smile* and so I baked and baked like there was no tomorrow. More to that, I was obsessed about finding ways to improve the bread that I baked. 

Looking back, I've really come a long way from all the odd shaped buns, failed experiments, strange concoction of bread mix, I can say I am definitely a more confident bread baker now! Gaining the experiences from the past and watching how my family enjoyed the bakes I've churned out, I'm glad their love for my bread just kept my enthusiasm to bake more fancy and fun bread going.

(click on the links below)
Chicken Curry Buns (end product which I was most proud of)
Handshaped buns (please don't laugh at the aesthetics of the buns)

I am starting a new column in Munch Ministry sharing some of my learnings and some interesting tips and tricks I've either picked up from other season bakers or through all the bread baking recipe books I've hoarded. I hope it'd be a resource that many would benefit from :)

For now, you may gawk at the some of the various breads/buns I've baked in the past one year to date :)
Assorted Buns made of sweet dough
Italian Bread Sticks
Ham & Cheese Bun
No Knead Bread

Rolled Oats & Mixed Seeds Artisan Loaf
Cinnamon Rolls


Dominique Goh said...

It's so tempting seeing that you made so many different breads.. really need to start making bread too.

Mamabliss said...

hehe yeah Dom it's really very satisfying after the buns are baked! Quick go bake some soon!! :)

Adeline said...

Can you move to the east... puhleese?

Mamabliss said...

haha... I used to be an easterner before I got married :P