Thursday, February 28, 2013

I love being a $AHM

I have been a $AHM for 5 years now and looking back I have not regretted a moment of the decision to throw away all the experience I've accumulated from the corporate world to stay home. It was a calling that I have felt deeply impressed upon me by God. Because of that, it was not a difficult decision to come to, naturally.

Contrary to what the world believe in ie. economic value, productivity and GDP, I would think a $AHM's value should not be measured by those markers and can never be measured that way. To me the essentials and responsibilities of a mom is to nurture the hearts and minds of the children while training their characters as it is a god-given privilege to be a mother. With that comes the stewardship of caring for and bringing up our children the way God has designed us to.

Sure, I have my slip ups as a mom and yes, there's no guarantee that my kids would turn out well even after my staying home for many years. Though, I'd like to believe that children cared by a parent who stays home full-time for them would tend to be more secured and they'd be more open to share about their thoughts, fears and hopes with me because I've devoted time to talk to them.

I know I won't see the immediate dividends of my being a $AHM but I am keeping my hope and faith in this choice that I've made was God's will and I trust that it's the best gift that I can offer to my children.

I love being a SAHM for I wake to morning kisses and hugs from my little ones everyday
I love being a SAHM for I can be there to witness their milestones day-by-day
I love being a SAHM for I get to slow things down and lead a life that's unhurried
I love being a SAHM for I learn to be silly and not take things too seriously
I love being a SAHM for it's through my children I learn to be a better person each new day
I love being a SAHM for I am humbled before my God
I love being a SAHM for I can be there with them and for them when they needed me
I love being a SAHM for I have become a better cook
I love being a SAHM for they are an inheritance from my God to me, and that's a privilege!

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